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What's in your camera bag ?


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Sony NEX7

Novoflex CY/NEX adapter

Zeiss 35mm 1.4 AEG
Zeiss 50mm 1.4 AEJ
Zeiss 85mm 1.4 AEG
Zeiss 40-80 3.5 AEG
Zeiss 180mm 2.8 AEG

Only a 20% chance I have the right lens on any given shot (grin)

Zeiss cleaning kit - extra cloths/wipes
Giottos Rocket Blower
2 spare Sony NEX batteries /charger
Leica Strap 14253
5w LED flashlight

55/86 Ring
67/86 Ring
UV, MC, Polarizer and Softar I/II filters
#3 Metal Hood
Spare caps

Zeiss 8 x 20 binoculars (my 1st Zeiss purchase back in 2000)

All fits snuggly in a Tenba Shootout.

I sometimes consider swapping the 40-80 for the 28-85 but that would add a whole new set of filters and adapter and most of the times I am willing to make the lens swap or move to get the photo I want.

Have yet to travel much now that I have a 'real camera' and learn what's the most practical - the HCB in me says use the 50mm but of course it's a 75mm on this camera.

Lenses left at home:

Zeiss 85 (1.2), 28-85, 80-200, 300 and Mutar I.

Lens I should buy but haven't yet the 70-210.

I hoping as I become a better photographer I can lighten up this bag. Your comments and criticisms are welcome.



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Camera Bag

Hi Max,

I like what your carryingin you camera bag. Mine varies from day to day. I can no longer carry as many lenses as you do. I try to limit myself to 3 lenses selected for what I aim to do and force myself to work with them. When I am out trying to improve my style I limit myself to 1 lens and work to get the most out of it. When I first got the 85/1.2 I spent a whole day with it on me RTS II only shooting it at 1.2. I learned a lot about it that way. By the way at f8 it really rocks. You cannot match it for sharpness. When I'm in Tokyo (my other home) I carry:




21/2.8 or 35/1.4 or the NEX 24/1.8 Sonnar
55/1.2 or 50/1.4 or 85/1.2
100/2.8 macro Planar

Toray-See lens cleaning cloths color coded for lens, viewing screen or body.

Spray bottle (small) with 91% alcohol for lenses. This was recommended to me by a Japanese Contax repairman as what Contax was using.

Kipon adapter.

LED penlight.

Adapter rings hoods and caps mounted on each lens with lens hood caps.

Protection or UV filter on each lens and an 86mm Polarizing filter that fits all of the lenses.

I really like wide angle lenses, having the 15/3.5, 18/4, 21/2.8 25/2.8, 28/2, 35/2.8PC as well as the 35/1.4. With that said I would highly recommend the 21/2.8 Contax mount as your next lens. It's legendary!

My other NEX setup includes:

LEA2 adapter with:

16-35/2.8 very sharp.

I also carry a Slik carbon fiber tripod or a Slik carbon fiber monopod with Slik quick change plates and an old Leitz large ball head with quick change setups on both ends. This doubles as a hand grip when not on a pod.

A Lowepro backpack case to match what I'm carrying.



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I might look into the 21 - my thoughts are and maybe this is wrong is that I can just use the cheapo 16-55 NEX lens if I want WA. For the most part I haven't been tempted to go WA yet. Maybe the right scene will do it for me?

Is there any where on line where I can view your photos ?



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PS - the 55. 1.2 ? - I have serious lens envy -

I stooped down and bought one of the Rokkors a few weeks ago not wanting to justify the $5k the Z lens costs.

And that 21mm ain't cheap either. I don't think I'll be getting one of those at $2500 +

I might play more with the 28-85 and get a better feel for the range.


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Hi Max,

Being an old user I bought all my lenses new many years ago. The 55/1.2 was $3200 and the 21/2.8 was $1200.

As far as seeing my pics, I did not have any posted. You kicked me in the ass enough to start a Flickr photostream at "old contax user".

As far as all the fancy glass goes, if we only look at the results on a screen without the pixel peeking or at up to 8" by 10" on a print then the 18-55 Sony should do just fine. I've used it and you will see one shot with it on a NEX 5 in the Flickr stream. I sized the Flickr shots at 768 by 1024 as that is the current standard size for camera club projected image competitions which I sometimes enter. The value of the great lenses is that a shot taken on a NEX 7 can be cropped extremely (if you use the same screen size as I do, it is a 5 times factor to get from 4000 by 6000 to 768 by 1024.) So you don't need the long lenses so much. A 135 becomes a 202mm by APSC sensor size and then another 5X means a crop could equal a full frame 1010mm. Of course you need to have a really rigid tripod setup and use the remote release.


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Hi Max,

Sorry for the confusion. I'm new to Flickr and had not setup a URL. I did this today. Please let me know if it works.

Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!

The pictures are all from Japan except the shot of the 2 Canadian Geese. That also is the only NEX 7 shot. It was taken with a pre-war CZJ Sonnar 135/4 and cropped a lot.



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I like the one with the moon and the streetlights - almost hard to fathom the moon wasn't photoshopped in there.

LOL and then I read closer and see that it is 2 photos morphed.

I was on my way to DOF Master to see if such a shot was even possible -

So I checked anyway - it isn't.

The bee shot is nice too -


Active Member
Thanks Max,

The Bee and the Heron were cropped from other shots on Flickr that were put there to show how to survive when you don't have the right lens. In the Bee shot I had no macro in my bag and in the Heron shot the longest lens I had was the 24-70/2.8. So having a 24MP sensor I was able to crop radically and still get an acceptable shot each time. Since I can always crop a wider angle and I cannot widen a tele shot and since shorter lenses tend to weigh less than longer ones, I'm going more to the wide side as I get older. At the moment I limit the upper end to 135 mm.

I haven't really decided what the best lens set for my NEX 7 is yet. When I do I'll post it here.



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Do you ever use Mutars ? I am still undecided if I should use mine. You pay a price with both speed and clarity.


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Using Mutars

Hi Max,

I've used both the Mutar I and the Mutar II. See the Zeiss web site for the data sheets. They show which one is recommended for each applicable lens. Not all lenses can be used look for lenses showing a 1 for compatibility.

The Mutar II is better but is more limited in the lens selections available (basically teles only since the front element of the Mutar II sticks out of the mount and into the rear of the lens.)

I used them on the RTS cameras but never on digital since the 24MP sensors allow a 2 X crop to a still very good image.

I would take a Zeiss lens with a matched Mutar over a Sony NEX lens any day for clarity.



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For those days when I feel like shooting with a Contax I try to keep the bag light; as those who use them regularly it can get rather heavy if overloaded.



Lens combos include:

28/2.8 and 50/1.7
28/2.8 and 85/2.8
45/2.8 and 85/2.8
35-70/3.4 solo

Accessories include:
Lens brush and sometimes microfiber cleaning cloth, Skylight or UV filter on each lens and a generic 55mm std hood from heavystar (used on 45/2.8 with adapter or on 50 & 85mm). Sometimes the TLA-280 comes along if I am expecting to take portraits at dinner or some event indoors. I rarely carry a tripod, but if I do I use a Benro aluminim A157 (similar to the old Gitzo aluminum ones).

I happen to have both the 80-200/4 and W-3 winder for the RTSII, but they always seem to be left behind. I recently shot with the 80-200 just to see what I've been missing, and I must say it is a very good performer. I only wish it wasn't that long and rotated with focus; using polarizers can drive you batty! Also I wished the W-3 would have supplied power to the camera as well; I have a difficult time finding 4LR44 batteries.

Happy shooting,


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Power Pack P-3


If you're not using the winder, you could get a P-3 power pack that connects to the camera by a 1m cable. It was designed for cold weather use and allows you to run the camera on 4 AA batteries. You carry the batteries in an inside pocket in cold weather, but could attach the unit to your camera strap in normal working conditions when you cannot get the 4LR44's. B+H has a used one for sale now.



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RTS II Battery

Hi Gary,

Also look for PX28 battery equivalents that say silver in the description. These were the 1st choice in the instruction book and there are many available even in hardware stores.