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Where can I find the two lens


Tele-Xenars actually show up regularly on eBay. When I was looking for one a while back, there suddenly appeard about 4 in the space of a few months. The first one I got was a lemon, someone trying to sell damaged goods I think (C-Trades). I returned it and found another one a few weeks later in Germany that was like new, and cheaper than what I paid for the first one.

A fantastic lens!

I'd like to find a good deal on a 40mm/f4 Super-Angulon myself.

What is the 60mm Curtagon like? I've been using a 80/2 Xenotar, but could see the use of a 60mm for slightly wider shots without being obviously wide angle.

Cheers, Thor


If you get the chance, try and find the Schneider 60mm. It is wonderful and little sharper at the edges than the CZ lens. Since I do landscapes, this is especially important. Ebay and a New York shop called Kurland Photo have been my places of choice. You might also try, specialists in 2nd hand gear for many years, based in the UK.