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Where does the Coolpix 3700 fit in this forum


New Member
Just got this little camera a week ago. I am realy enjoying myself. Nice and easy to carry around on the belt for those shots where you wish you had a camera with you. However, one of the gremlins that I have found is that the LCD display on the back has a problem with bright spots in the picture. Such as the specular reflection of the sun from a water surface. The picture is fine but the LCD display has a verticle bright white line over the picture where the glint spot is. Does any other Coolpix camera have a similar problem?


Well-Known Member
If it does not show up in the actual picture, it is probably an artifact of the CP3700's quick shutter response. This became an option with the CP5000 when it had its firmware upgrade. It was explained that in order for the embedded computer to accomplish this, cycles needed to be stolen from the monitor, resulting in occasionally seeing lines across it under some lighting conditions. It is a small price to pay for such a responisve camera.

larry! ICQ 76620504
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New Member
> Thanks Larry,

Always better to know why things are happening and I agree, this is a small price to pay for the camera's responsiveness. I already received some compliments on the quality of the pictures taken with the 3700 - especially on the colour performance.