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Where to buy a replacement rubber cap for my lens hood



Hi there,
Request your help on the following issue;
I bought my Summilux 35mm f1.4 ASPH (new model) second hand. However the rupper cap which fits the lens hood is missing. Do you know where to buy/order one?
Thanks, Edward.


Hood 12588 Super Rare Rectangular Hood for 35mm F1.4 M Aspherical First Version Lens! With Front Cap.

Mint - $299

The Summilux-M 35mm f1.4 aspherical lens [first & second versions] takes the #12588 lens hood, according to Sartorius, and an E46 filter. An old Leica catalogue says the lens takes a #12589 hood. The one quoted above is [was] listed at the following site:

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Sartorius mentions other Leica hoods as being made of rubber but does not say that the 12588 is rubber.
If it's sold, you might opt for a plain $10 generic one [round instead of square] until you find the real one. I'm not certain but I believe an E46 filter means that you can also use any 46mm lens hood.
Regards, bob cole


Just to make sure I'm only looking for the rubber cap on the lens hood, not the hood itself. Is that what you are selling Vinicio?
Best regards, Edward.


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Edward, Part #14040 is available at B&H Photo in NY for $24.95. or used for $19.00 (in stock)


I believe Part#14040 is for the 35mm 1.4 R lens, not the M.
My hood part # is 12589, and I think the part # for the soft rubber hood cap is # 11874.


No, sorry I was mistaken it is 14040, must be the same as for the 'R'. As long as it fits my 12589 hood. Thank you Colin and Vinicio. I'll send you an e-mail Vinicio.


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Part 12589 costs 79.95 plus tax and/or shipping at B&H. Part 14040 was recommended by Rick at B&H used Leica section, it fits the 35mnm 1.4 ASPH hood perfectly and sells for 24.95 new.
I think it is a no-brain decision to choose the 14040...It FITS PERFECTLY.
Good day, and good luck to all!