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Where to find N Digitalbs



I am going to Japan and the UK later in May does anybody know where I might be able to find stock of a N digital body. As per last question on this in another thread I contaced Paris dealer they are waiting for stock? seems they go theres from Germany and this has now stopped and gone back to Japan.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Rodney,

I will look up in my old files some addresses in Hongkong this week-end, which have been good when I was the last time there. This was 3 years ago, but maybe a few are still valid...


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I am in quest of a working ND (N Digital). Any advice as to where I might find one? Am I insane for wanting one?
Jack Swickard


Hi Jack,

I do not know where you are located. I think that the former Contax UK has still a handful of NDs, but I have not checked that.

Try to contact them at
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Ask for Frazer Allen and tell him that I sent you from Contaxinfo (AFAIK he will be not in the office this week).

Frazer is the former head of Contax/Kyocera UK and one of the few people within Kyocera who really cared about the Contax users in the past. He is also member of

They are located in the old Kyocera building and do all repair stuff etc. for Contax and Yashica cameras (and Kyocera caneras too).

But if you are from the US, UK prices might not be very attractive for you compared to US prices. I do not know whether Tocad in the US has still some Nds.

Be careful with NDs at ebay. We have seen already some fake sellers there, as you might have read here in the forum in the past...

Hope that helps...


Forgot to address this one:

"...Am I insane for wanting one?..."

I do not think so. All depends on your requirements/ shooting habits, the price you will have to pay for an ND and the time you are willing to spend to get the best results out of the ND.

As you will find many commnets here in this forum from very experienced and very sophisticated members, you have a few issues, which have been almost resolved (i.e. battery power, raw data workflow, but not the NAM-1 adapter) and few "convenience" issues like lack of Raw and Jpeg shooting at the same time, writing speed/buffer and Noise above ISO 200.

I think if you are willing to invest time in it to learn the camera and are used to slide film and enjoy to have also ISO 25, 50 and 100 I would go for it. But bear in mind that you will have more convenience with a Nikon D70 to get images right out of the box without any work for average 10x15cm prints.

Last but not least, the ND has full frame and it can use the newest Zeiss glass. You will have a real 17-35/2.8 without any crop factor with an excellent image quality. No lens flare, no ghosting, no colour shift etc.

So IMO think about hoiw you want to use it and it will be easier to decide. I use normally slide film (Velvia & Provia). I do not care about ISO 800 or 1600. I did not in the past, and so I doubt that I will in the future. I tested a Nikon D70 for some weeks. Nice camera, but no Zeiss lenses, no full frame, viewfinder typical for APS sensors (but better than Canon 350D), no ISO 25, no 50 no 100. Shoot in bright sunlight and the 1/8000 of the Nikon D70 is not enough with aperture 1.4 and ISO 200.

So every system has its disadvantages and advantages. You have to figure out what is most important for you. This is the difficult part. The rest is easy.


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Thanks for the great info. I have mostly used Leica R8 and M6/7. I am on the list of an R8/9 digital back. I do shoot slide film almost exclusively. My preference is Velvia.
I was bitten by the Contax Bug with G1 and G2 (I have the 16, 21, 28, 35, 45,and 80). My fiance thought the photos looked like postcards. Trust me that says more for the camera than me. I have recently acquired an N1 with 17-35, 28-80, qnd 70-200.
SO I am really want to acquire an ND. I have one now that does not function correctly and am trying to decide whether to send it to TOCAD America who will send it to Japan. I had great luck with Rollei when things went to Braunscweig but I do not know how Contax repair Japan is. I DO KNOW that I have been told not to be surprised by a repair bill of around US $1000.
So here I am an aging Lawyer with too much time on his hands having fun acquring another camera set.
Thanks for the help,
Jack Swickard


i have a few new...contax n digitals... one is for sale...
i have one on will finish in 3 days..


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If you are Alan Doyle at Antiochus66. Then who is Charlotte Palmer, who responded through e-bay to my question, and who is also Antiochus66???? And what about the listing in China?

-----Original Message-----
From: charlotte palmer []
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 3:32 AM
Subject: Re: Question for item #7552287944 - wow SUPER RARE CONTAX N DIGITAL SLR CAMERA..

as i have already stated..i believe,any problems i
have had have been when i have used,AA ON BOARD
different models seem to draw different amounts of
power problems,which seem to corrupt images...
i now use an external batt pack..
since the batt change no problem..
also i use photoshop cs,with the raw software to cover
this camera..
so any noise and banding issues,with contaxs not great
software,have been avoided..
THE CAMERAS I PURCHASED,were re- checked in germany
before being me...
this camera is not great at 400asa,.. i use noise
ninja,it really helps.
the camera will be throughly checked before i send....
if i find a problem,i have 2 brand new
choose from....
you can return the camera,within 3 days if your not
as i am sure you are aware,since contax crushed and
buried most of these cameras..
the chances of finding, any proper new unused
models,is rare...
maybe a few returns or refurbs around...
at the moment, i think....130 people are watching
so bid high for your chance to own this beauty..
thanks redstan54
charlotte is my girlfriend.... and it was me responding...

i reported that guy in china to usual they did nothing..
i also emailed the 2 bidders to say he was using my photos..and my discription...
you will not find any X files conspiracy here...
i am only guilty of bad spelling...
the camera is in london... Mark,since you are a crusader of truth...
easyjet and ryan air are very cheap...pop over to view...and pay when your happy..
my offer stands...the auction winner can choose the camera...
apart from scammers,i have quite a good ebay reputation...
i tend to buy junk,off ebay...and usually get stuck with it.
as happened recently with a couple of n lens..
one of the lens from a member on this site...that stated,yes some of these zeiss n lens are soft and it is normal to have dirt and hairs inside the optics ??

my telephone no is london 208-992-6451...
so call and all i need is a days notice...
cheers alan


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I took the N1 and the 28-80 and 70-200 out for a test yesterday. And I really do like them. Frankly I thought the autofocus to be quite good. I have 2 Contax ND bodies which I need to sort out.

I will describe the problems later.


Hi Jack,

I love my N1 too. There are always things to improve with every camera, but in general, I prefer the N1 over all other AF cameras (I do not need fast Af, but very good MF capability).

regrading ND problems. If you look in our ND-archives, there are tons of information already how to improve this camera. We should open new ND-threads from time to time with a specific subject to make sure that this know-how is easier to find (the old threads are really big) and to update with the newest technology and sofware programs.


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Pulled out my N1 and ND, put new batteries in the N1 and it's like getting a new camera ; -)

Strange thing is that I'm having a problem with getting the 24-85 to auto focus on the ND. Sometimes it does and other times it won't. It absolutely is not a problem on the N1 at all, and AFs every time. None of the other N lenses has any problem what-so-ever auto focusing on the ND, just the 24-85. Weird.


Hi Mark,
My 24-85 auto focus perfectly on ND. The 70-300 does not perform well at all. It focus good on close obejcts. But when I try to focus on distance objects it moves short of the focus point with no focus confirmation, and doesn't even try to hunt. Weird, like you said.
hi folks...have had to new contax n....because of a contax loving madman timewaster,in california...
it is up on ebay uk...
thanks alan


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Hi Alan,

How come no 'second chance offer' takers? Or do you think it's worth more than the other bidders offered?

i put it on second chance offer,for the 2 other high bidders....nobody interested.....
seems to be losts of people,that like bidding..but do not like paying...