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Where to get the instruction manual Maxxum 7


Hello again! My camera just arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, as I purchased it used from EBAY there was no instruction manual included. I am most definitely not familiar with this type of camera and am afraid to do anything to it without knowing what I am doing. Does anyone know where I can purchase a printed manual??? I can download one from the Konica website but, I would really like to have an original one or at least a reprint. Can someone refer me to someone/somewhere that I might can obtain one?

I also need one for the VC grip. Thanks in advance!


New Member
Mendi - Call Konica-Minolta at their customer service department and hopefully they will send you one.

I would recommend that you also go to and order "Magic Latern Guides - Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D" by Peter Burian. It is very useful and I think that you can buy it for about $15.00 (US).

As far a the vertical grip V7 B&H photo sells these for #200 but they are currently out of stock.
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I got mine at for $165 but had to wait 3 months to get it. They don't even show it on their site now. Try this link to
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02394 I think that you will find this accessory to be most valuable. I love it.

Finally, consider the KM 5600 wireless flash. Pricy but amazing.

Jim Grasley Buckley, WA