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Which camera as a second system?


This is a question I hear a lot from friends.

IMHO it totally depends on what you are planning to do with it and how much compromise you are willing to make in IQ and shooting possibilities vs. weight and pocketability. Let's assume you have a fullframe camera (24x36mm), there are 3 categories:

Category 1:

Something that fits in your shorts or at least comfortably in your jacket. No obligation to put it with a a strap over your shoulder or in a bag. Best options are Ricoh GR V/ Nikon Coolpix A or Sony RX100xxx/Canon G7X. I use 2 of these happily (Ricoh GR and Canon G7X).

Category 2:

Small, but not small enough to put it in your jacket. I try to avoid this category because it is often neither fish nor meat (with exceptions). Panasonic LX100/Leica equivilant, Fuji X100/X100s/X100T, Fuji X30, Sigma DP Merrills, Sigma Quattros etc.

They all pretend to be pockatbale, but they are not. They are lighter and for sure more comvenient. But that's it. So here you should really think about, whether you want to have soemthing hanging oer your shoulder and how much the benefit is really theer compared to a lightweight MLU or DSLR System with only 1-2 lenses.

I used to have the Fuji X100 and the Sigma DP Merrills. Sold them again because of various reasons. might buy a x100T in a year or so again. We will see...

Category 3:

Micro Fourthirds Systems. MLU with APS-C sensor, MLU with fullframe sensor. Here you definitely need a strap or a bag and the risk is, that you just duplicate the already existing system without gaining really big benefits. A Nikon D7100 or D3300 is not that much bigger or heaviewr than a MLU system, but mostly more mature ;)

The Nikon G 1.8 lenses (FFL) are lightweight and small. So this has to be thought out well before making the decisison.

Is category 3 a "secondary system" at all?

This is why I start this thread. What are your thought about it? do you have a second system and if yes which one and why? What do you miss? What was your disappointments afterwards?

Best whishes