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Which Contax metal hood is fit to my contax lense Help me



I have some Zeiss lenses for C/Y mount,
1) 28/2,8
2) 35/1,4
3) 50/1,4
4) 60/2.8(1:1 macro)
5) 85/1.4

What Contax metal hood fit to my lense?
Any help would be most appreciated


Hi Chanq-Bum
28mm f 2.8 No 1 Metal Hood and 55 / 86 ring or G12
35mm f 1.4 No 2 Metal Hood and 67 / 86 ring or G14
50mm f 1.4 No 4 Metal Hood and 55 / 86 ring or G11
60mm f 2.8 No 3 Metal Hood and 67 / 86 ring or G11
85mm f 1.4 No 2 Metal Hood and 67 / 86 ring or G13

All of the metal hoods require the mounting ring and these can be used for most lenses as you can see here but another option is the rubber G hoods that are smaller and less expencive.



Hi Bob,
for 85mmf1.4 Planar ,Contax recommends Metal Hood No 4 with the 67/86 step up ring but people has got away with using Metal Hood 5 on it.

Metal hood No 2 is just too shallow for 85mmf1,4 lens to be effective.



Where can you get information concerning which hood goes to which lens? I have 100mm 2.8 makro,25mm 2.8 and 21mm 2.8.Which hood suit these lens? Joseph


100/2.8 macro -> adaptor 67/86 + metal hood Nr. 5, or hood G-13

25/2.8 -> adaptor 55/86 + metal hood Nr. 1, or hood G-12

21/2.8 -> metal hood W1