which dslr can replace my aria


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Hi guys, (read and girls)

I don't know exactly where to post,so here it"ll be..

I want to make a restart photographing and as -I'm sure- a lot of you guy's would like to use my zeiss lenses on a dslr.

As I'm out the cameraworld, i will just ask simpel questions:

I want a camera with just basic specs, very important is the respons in time. If I click.. it must shoot, not half a second later!!

I saw Leitax makes adapters for Nikon, but it needs to much little fingerwork (for me) with chip-glueing, things like that..

There are several adapters on ebay for canon, but I read some are bad and some are worse.

Which one would be satisfying and which body (of canon?) would be that too?

tx for reply

P.s there is a topic about sdlr with N-mount but not for C/Y-mount....strange!


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Edit..I saw Leitax also offers an adaptor for canon, and I could let them do the chip-glueing!
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As I only use the planar 50 1.7 and the distagon 28 2.8....do I actually need that chip? And do I need the mount with narrow diameter?

If so I only need to know what is a simpel but good body for me to replace my aria (from which I'll never seperate; we have too many memory's all over the world)


Hi nofocus,

Leitax can also convert the C/Y to an M42 mount. He did that for me. Thanks to this, you can use the old c/y lenses on 5 different lens mounts at the same time via a cheap China M42 adapter:

- Fuji X System
- Canon System
- Sony/Minolta System
- Olympus System
- Pentax System

Only Nikon does not work with M42 lenses

Of course you can also your C/Y lenses without a conversion on every mirrorless system with an adapter.

Best wishes