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Which filters for my G2


I am trying to put together a rather complete photo system based on two G2 bodys. I shoot mainly portraits, landscapes and monuments/architecture when on vacation. What set of filters would you recommend for both B&W and color photography? As I own the 21, 28, 45 and 90mm I wouldm have to buy the respective filters in 55 and 46mm versions.
Thanks for your advice, Yours Clemens


I'd start with some or all of these:

Linear polarizer
Warming filter (81 A or B)

For filters you might not use often (e.g., the 29) you can use a 55mm for all lenses by getting a 46-55 stepup adapter. This will save you from having to buy two of everything.


>Thanks Rick, do you use the 81 A or B only for landscapes in color or also >for other purposes? The Red 29 seems to be pretty strong stuff, in what >situations would you use that? Yours Clemens


Hi Clemens,

I'll use warming filters when shooting in open shade, especially in mid-day with a northern light source, which tends to be cold/blue. This is most useful for portraits in maintaining skin tones.

Also, warming filters are handy for shooting at higher altitude, where it seems that most E6 films trend towards a blue cast.

I find the 29 is useful for dramatically darkening skies, as well as for shooting UV film. It doesn't get a lot of use, to be sure, but when you need it, it's quite handy.

Best regards,



Active Member
Any one:
Do you use UV filters in studio lighting??

Or do you recommend no filters at all?????




>I used to use filters on my lenses but have stopped doing so because it >just adds two more air/surface interfaces to reduce contrast. If you don't >shoot under bad conditions, I think you get the most out of your glass by >keeping it free of filters.


I agree with Jeffery,

Use filters only to achieve special effects or to remove an unwanted light characteristic (e.g., off-color, glare). A lens does best when there's nothing between it and the subjict.




I agree 100 %. Dont use Filters, if there is no sense making reason. With todays lenses and their coating it is absolutely not necessary to use UV- and similar filters. It would be a pity for the fine lenses.

Hans Villars, Switzerland