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Which G for extra body


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Hello all!

I'm enjoying my recent G1 purchase immensely. I use the camera almost every day now, and have the 28, 35, 45 and 90mm lenses for it. I'm thinking its time to acquire another body.

Here's my question for you experienced G users. Would you get another G1, or spring for the G2? On the one hand, another G1 gives commonality of control layouts, etc, and G1 bodies are pretty cheap right now. On the other hand, I'm told the G2 focuses faster and of course has a speedier motor, and should I choose to later allows me to use the zoom lens, which I am not all that sure I need. I should mention that I am perfectly happy with the performance of my G1 after dozens of rolls of film through it over the last two months.

Advice and opinions please?


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Go for G2 for more accurate focusing.

G2 population is heterogenous, by which I mean they are calibrated in different ways, in particular, some have very accurate focusing and some do not.

You could check the accuracy by comparing the distance reading ability of G2 at MF with measuring tape. If they have errors in focusing, most of them occurs at near distance like 1 meter.

However, the standards of the after sale service are variable and many of them are deteriorating and I suppose it is because of lack of parts supplied by Kyocera.

The G system is unique that it is the only autofocus rangefinder in history, but it occupies only a short period of the time.

If you have good financial support, try the M system. It has the widest range of choices of lenses, with the earliest one made more than 50 years ago. There are two new Zeiss lenses coming up and both of them will have breathtaking performances. Zeiss is like a wizard in the design of wide angle lenses and I have full confidence that the new 15mm lens will be groundbreaking. The new 85mm f2 will not be less impressive as well. The MTF performance of this 85mm f2 is better than the famous Leica apo 90mm f2 ASPH. The design technology is also more advanced than the Leica. I am also sure that this new 85 2 will perform better than the 50yr and 60 yr Contax 85 1.2 at f2, although the comparing is not fair.