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Which lenses do you use mostly and why



Brian, I don't think the reply to my email got through so without repeating everything I will just say that I love the 28-70 for convenience and light weight -- it is a very good lens, however the 35-135 is a great lens. I like the extra angle of view that the 28-70 provides when doing landscapes or crowd scenes and I love the 135 when I photograph more distant objects in the city. Vincent


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Hi, I remember to have read here that the 28-70 Zoom lens is not THAT good you expect a Zeiss lens to be - nearly every other Zeiss lens should be better..... Another thought : I've read from many Contaxians that they are using the Tamron 35-135 because it should be very good ! The Leica user often are using the Tamron 35-70 zoom - also should be a very good and really compact lens ! I've made some very good experiences with these lenses as well ! I nevertheless am using Zeiss primes now with my Yashica/Contax cameras. Just a few further thoughts... Paul


> The 35-135 MM zoom is superb. The image quality is great, as good as my best Zeiss primes as far as color, saturation, sharpness and contrast - a little more distortion at 35mm than I would like though and I like the focal range. Keep in mind though that, the lens is quite large. For travel, I like having a wider angle of view so I personally would probably use it in conjunction with a 28mm or 25mm lens. My ideal zoom lens would probably cover 28-135 but Contax doesn't make one. The 28-85, which I have not used is also supposed to be excellent but for me 85mm is a little too short at the long end. I prefer the 135 for candids and for isolating details in a scene. For what it is worth, before buying the 35-135, I spoke to someone in the professional services department at Contax USA asking them, price aside, which of the mid range zooms is the best optically. Although, the 35-70 and 28-85 are both great lenses, I was told that the 35-135 is the best Contax mid range zoom. I do own a 35-70 and find that it is excellent. I like the smaller size and weight and the fixed aperture. However, I would agree that the 35-135 is even a bit better.



Thanks Jason. I think that I have finally decided on that lens. I use the Aria because I travel constantly but I don't want to carry around a lot of primes. I appreciate everyone's advise that has answered.



Most used: 1.4/85. Second: 2.8/25. Third: 1.4/50.

I don't have any zooms, and don't intend to buy any, because of their low speed, unusable or inexisting depth-of-field scale, and strong distortion.

-- Harald