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Which M6 Viewfinder Magnification is Best 58 72 or 85



M6 ttl BODIES: .58, .72 OR .85?

I'm about to purchase my first Leica and have settled on the M6 ttl.

A big question I have, though, is which viewfinder magnification to select. Most often I'd use a 50 mm lens and sometimes a 35mm. I've found a very good .85 (I know it's more prone to flare), and I like the bigger frame lines for a 50mm. With a 33mm on this body, I know the framelines are out to the edge - no anticipating what's moving into the frame. Of course, I'd sacrifice the 28mm lines.

Does anyone have advice to offer on picking viewfinder magnification? Keep in mind also that I wear glasses. I've looked at the .72 (and might buy that magnification, but they've become very hard to find). With the .58 I'm not sure if I'd like the relatively small framelines (the one's for the 50 seem awfully small). But I know the .58 is primarily designed for wide angle.

Does anyone in this forum who wears eyeglasses also use a .85 - most people seem to think it's bad for someone like myself who has to wear them.


> [...Hi Bryan I agree with what marco posted. I use a 0.58x with a 35mm lens full-time, and as a eye-glass wearer, its simply perfect. I get a good view of the framelines and beyond. I've considered the 0.85x with a 50mm as the perfect combination for my next purchase. That really works well even with glasses on. ...]


I'm saving up for an M7, and will probably get a 0.85

I have a 21mm and others from 35mm to 135mm. The 21mm has its own viewfinder and in any case even the 0.58 finder doesn't go to 21mm. However the 0.85 finder will nicely cover all the rest of my lenses. The extra magnification may let me get more value from my 135mm. At present I hardly ever use it. Partially because of the small framelines.


>I wear glasses and don't mind the M3 framelines at all, which I gather are similar to the 85 in the M7.


New Member

I recommend the .72 magnification: works well for 28, 35, 50 and 75 mm. For working with 135 mm I recommend you t get the x1.25 eyepiece magnifier.

Regards, Hans


I find the rangefinder patch on my .58 M6TTL to be difficult
to see clearly and a small change of eye position makes it move around.
The .58 is more difficult to focus than my .72 M6TTL.
I bought the .58 because I have a Tri-Elmar lens and wear glasses,
which makes the 28mm frameline virtually impossible to see
with the .72 camera. However, for every focal length other
than 28mm, I much prefer the .72 magnification. I agree with Hans Bader
that the .72 is the best option overall; also, as he recommends,
it's a good idea use it in combination with a 1.25x magnifier for
135mm (and, arguably, for 90mm).