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Which Metz Flash compares to TLA 360 and TLA 460



Whoops, my tla-360 needs repair, and I think I'll try a Metz as a second flash. Which Metz Flash and adapter can you all recommend as a substitute for the 360 and/or the 460? I'd like to step up a bit in G/N if I can while saving some dollars if you think that technically the Metz is a good solution. Thanks. Michael.


Hi Michael

Metz flashes are working properly with all functions of the Contax = bodies. I work since many years with the 45 CL4 and like it more then = the TLA 360 because the light is smoother with the Metz. So IMO the = MZ50 would be a good choice. I generally work in flash TTL mode, Body = in M mode (flshsync or longer shutter time) and Blades also manually. = Si I can work prfect with the f-stops in the full range.

There are two different adaptors SCA 300 (whitch i use; works with = older MM Bodies, 3 flash contacts until 1990 -RTS III) and SCA 3002 = (works also with the newer Bodies - 5 contacts)

hope that helps; Dieter


> Dieter,

I just found this email...thanks so much for the information. My big complaint about the TLA 360 is how harsh the light is ... and this is especially evident with the Digital ND. As you probably know, the ND is very forgiving for underexposures, but for overexposures (especially w/ the TLA 360), the "look" can be disastorous. I am going to go ahead and try the Metz route for my new primary flash. Thanks so much for the advice. And one more question. Can I use the SCA 3002 with both the new and older bodies or do I also have to order an SCA 3000 if I want to be completely downwards compatible to my 3 pin older bodies?





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Hi dear Contaxians :),
anyone has experience using Metz 54 MZ3 with contax/yashica slr cameras?
At present -36 guide number is not sufficient for me, I would need a bigger one. It cannot be this type exactly but I need flash with accesory shoe (not with handle aside and many rechargeable batteries-it is not comfortable work with) and guide no. sure over 50 (use telelenses...outside).

Some flashes (not original)do not work with both cameras (yashica and contax). My old flash works with fx3 but not with rx.
Do I need two SCA adapters? Yashica has only: flash ready funct., so maybe only one will be sufficient. How does Metz 54 works with your cameras?
thank you, with best regards, Pavel


> Hello Pavel! You wrote: At present -36 guide number is not sufficient for me, I would need a bigger one.

Note that the guide number of Metz 54 MZ3 is given for a 105mm lens. The real guide number (for a standard 50mm lens) is 40. So it is only little more then contax TLA 360.

Greetings, Krzysztof


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Look at:

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You can see here the features of the different Metz flashes, and the features depending of the camera adapter.

The 54 MZ3 has GN 40 at 50mm focal lenght and ISO 100 film
GN 54 is for 105mm focal lenght and ISO 100.

I use the 44 MZ-2, smaller brother of the 54 MZ-3. It works very fine in TTL mode with my cameras (RTS3 and 139Q with SCA 382 adapter, and with an Olympus Camedia with SCA 3202 adapter).

There's an adapter with the RX (3802 I think).

Best things about metz is its portability and a full-range list of accesories. And one can use the same flash with different kind of cameras, only changing the adapter.