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Which RAW Converter



I am planning to test within the next weeks some DSLRs, to make a decision on what to buy.

I have Photoshop CS2, but it seems that there are also some independent RAW converters out there, i.e. Bibble etc., which seems to be better in specific areas, but not in all (unfortunately).

What is your preferred software or plugin to import RAW files (not only Contax ND) and what are the pro and cons of the software/plugin?

Thanks in advance


I think you need to test drive them. Each is quite different not only in how the GUI is presented and how the workflow is handled, but also in the look and feel of the final images because of how the processing is done. It's great that there are several options.

I believe the top three are Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for CS2/Bridge, Capture One (C1) from Phase One, and Rawshooter Essentials (RSE) from Pixmantec. After using ACR for quite a while I briefly tried the other two but ended back with ACR. I liked it's layout and the raw settings database that stores all the current settings of each image, the ability to save/load settings, the cropping/curve settings among others. It seems more tuned to the way I work / think. And I like the results better in general, although that is probably very subjective.

Bottom line, check them all out for your specific situation.

I guess I'm not being of much assistance in helping you decide ...


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IMO, CS2 is best all around. Phase One C1 used to be better, but that has changed with CS2. DNG file format is supported by CS2, and there are a lot of PS plug-ins available for CS2 that further it's functionality ... like those Fred Miranda writes and sells for small cost.