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Which version & how old my elmarit 35mm


New Member
I just recieved an elmrit 35mm and i would like to know according to serial no. what is the version of this lense & how old.
I have heard that the second & third version of this lense is better.(Elmarit 2.8 35mm No.2410638
Thanks Oren


Oren, you appear to have a late second version [with two cams] of the 35mm/f2.8 Elmarit, introduced by Leica in 1964 and listed in the catalogue as #11201.
Jim Lager's "Illustrated History'' of the Leica, Vol. II [lenses], says the first version [#11101] is a seven-element [single-cam] lens, introduced with the Leicaflex in 1964. By 1968, with the introduction of the Leicaflex SL, Lager says, the second version, catalogued as #11201, came with two cams. Both versions, he adds, are "regarded as excellent general-purpose wide-angle lenses for the Leica reflex cameras.''
He notes that many of these early models are used today on the latest R models after their return to Leitz to install the third cam. He further adds that in late 1973, in a third version, Leitz recomputed the lens, starting with Serial No. 2,517,851, still catalogued as #11201, "with improved contrast and definition.''
Then, he notes, E. Leitz, Inc., of New Jersey, announced a compact version, #11231, "optically identical" to the earlier design. The lens, he said, is currently listed as #11251 and is "only for Leica R cameras.'' [Each model has other changes dealing with the lens hood and the size of the filters.} -- bob cole