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Who can repair Leica Pradovit projector


New Member
I have a Pradovit CA2502 projector with a slide transport problem.

A few years ago, it was sent back to Germany (at great expense to me) to be upgraded with the latest transport mechanism, as Leica USA could not work on it.

Recently, when showing slides, I heard a click and the transport stopped working. Leica USA will neither repair it nor recommend anyone who works on their projectors.

Does anyone know of a reliable and skilled repair person, preferably in the New York City area?


Michael, if he's still around, you might try this:

Charles Hessinger
Hessinger Audio Visual
128 Larch Avenue
Bogota, New Jersey 07603

[about 10 miles from the George Washington Bridge and Ft. Lee NJ]

Tel.: 201- 947-0666


New Member
> [I'll be happy to sell you mine for $100 and the slide mechanixm works > well. Also a lot of the holders for the slides. Dave Hopps,