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Who is the first with the K10D



who is the lucky one among us, who has already a Pentax K10D?

What are your first impressions?


For a plethora of hands-on impressions of the K10D, subscribe to PDML is a long-time Pentax diswcussion group which generates 100 or so messages each day. At one time it was sponsored by Pentax USA, but is now an independent group.



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I received my k10d on 27 December. It was sent to me by a relative in the US who had bought it online. But have not yet read the manual fully, and still learning how to operate the camera. Looking forward to a lot of enjoyable hours with the k10d.


I've had my k10d for about a month now. I'm really happy with the camera's performance. I am having some issues with SD cards 3 have gone bad on me in the last month. I hoping that this is a issue with the manufacturer of the cards and not the fault of the camera. The images do seem to be a bit on the soft side but this may be the fault of the 28-200 lens I've mainly been using.


What cards are you using? (brandname & model)?

I hope I will get my K10D Kit within the next 10 days...


there the cards that are are marketed by the camera store 1gb foto source cards. I bought them due to the lifetime warrantee that was offered with them. turns out it was the cards, they've had all kinds of problems. I've since exchanged them for san disk extreme cards no problems yet.


Thanks for the information. I always use 2GB Sandisk Extreme III. I never had problems. Neither with CF cards, nor with SD cards.

So how about your first "feelings" with the K10D after you can actually shoot now with it? Image, noise, flash etc.

I am curious!


The K10D is the best $1000.00 I've spent. It's a real deal for the amount of camera that you get. I almost always shoot in raw mode and keep the menu settings flat for the sharpness, contrast,picture mode, etc. I found that adjusting these can help in some cases I would much rather do these sort of changes in post processing on a calibrated monitor rather than guessing on a 2.5 LCD just personal preference.
noise is handled pretty good up till iso 1600. I have noticed some banding in images taken at 1600. but for the most part 1600 is still usable for prints with some noise filtering for smaller prints.
I haven't been using the built in flash all that much due to the fact that the lens I usually have on my camera is the sigma 28-200 3.5-5.6 which has a front thread of 72mm. It tends to cast a shadow so I tend to use a speed light when I do flash photography with this lens. but in the times that I've used it with my smaller primes it does a descent job, lots of adjustments availiable in the easy to access funtion menu.
The build quality is solid on this camera it doesn't have that plasticy feel that some of the dslrs have, yet doesn't have that fat pig feel of the 30d.
focusing seems to be good but low light seems to give it a bit of a problem but that could also be the mediocre glass that I'm using.
I am completly blown away by the SR function for this camera. I can forsee my tripod finding a lonely corner in the basement.
This camera is the first camera that I'm not looking at other models after I've purchased it thinking "oh if my camera only had this feature". It will be a long time before I have camera envy again, lens envy, well that's another story...


Hi Sean

thank you for your feedback. Only a few days left and I will have a K10d too...

Currently I am using a Nikon D80 (after many other SLRs and DSLRs), so I am curious how it will be different in long term usage. It is always different when you have one in your hand in a store for a few minutes or use it in real life situations side by side long term...

In my view the Pentax K10d is one of the most interesting camera on the market right now. Even compared to the Nikon D200 and Canon 30D.

Pentax did obviously not expect such a huge demand for this camera. Long waiting lists at each dealer.

Kind of exciting


New Member

You should have your K10D by now, so I'm wondering how you compare it to your Nikon???




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> Connie

I have gone from a D200 to a K10d. I was able to do some parallel tests before putting the Nikon away. The images shot with the K10 are equal to or surpass the Nikon with kit lens, in every way. The is almost a texture to them, like film. I am not talking noise, it's more intangible than that. very nice. I haven't gotten totally comfortable with the metering yet, it responds differently than the Nikon. And it's so much smaller all the way around. The K10 is a keeper. In addition, I have had some dealing with customer service - In my opinion they blow Nikon's customer service out of the water! They have been truly responsive and VERY nice. I am extremely satisfied with the switch.



New Member
Hi Connie,
Absolutely LOVE IT! First thing I did was go to eBay and purchased some nice glass that is about 10-15 years old. I got a 50mm, 25mm and a fish-eye. They work perfectly with the k10D! IF they were originally auto exposure or auto focus it will take if not manual mode works too. The camera is so easy to use, the programming was really thought out which is more than I can say for the Canon and Nikon. Its very user friendly. I usually have it set high quality JPEG, but if I want the next picture to be RAW, its just a button near the thumb. On a Nikon, you need to go into the programming - what?? Not thought out.

The pictures are sharp and the colors are brilliant.

Nikon makes amazing cameras and glass, but in order to get the standard that Pentax has at K10D, you need to spend MUCH more with Nikon. I compare most of the features with k10D with the Nikon D200 ($1000 more).

Also the feeling of the K10D is much nicer and feels better built. The Nikons under D200 all feel like cheap plastic. Also the Pentax is weather sealed which is a god send in the rain. The Nikon doesn't have that until the d200 +.

Either way you go - I'm sure you will be happy, but for the money - you get many much more BANG for the buck with Pentax K10D.

Hope this helps,



New Member
Got mine in December 2006 and is now 7500 photos later very happy with it. Got me the F50 f1.7 (also have the A version) and F135 f 2.8 lenses to add to the 18-55 kit lens and my Sigma 17-500.


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Hi Connie,

sorry, I missed this question...

I like the K10D a lot. It is different to my Nikons. For me there is no clear winner one against the other. The Pentax has some features I miss on my Nikons and vice versa.

For me the biggest difference is, that if I want to use Zeiss lenses for Pentax mount, I can use them with all program modes. With Nikon that is not possible.

But it is also a question of price. Pentax is not as expensive than Nikon. For Nikon you always have to pay a premium. If you compare the results, then there is not a big difference in image quality. It is more a different weighting and of course a question which lenses and which Raw-development Software you are using. Adobe is not always the best choice.

Now with the D300 of Nikon, a new round started end of last year. Pentax has to show, whether the can compete with the K20D.

Very interesting times... and 2008 is a Photokina year :)