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Who owns the Zeiss TeleApotessar T 400mm f4 N?



Contax initially said that they wanted to sell a hundred 400/4 lenses per month (probably worldwide). I frankly think that figure is entirely too optimistic, and I don't see on that anybody has actually purchased this lense. Does any of people here actually own this lense?



Good question. I don't even remember seeing any test reviews anywhere. But B&H has it in stock, unlike some long telephotos in manual focus line.

I'm actually wondering about something else. Why can't they make same type of lens in MM-mount for the same money? (or even cheaper, considering smaller size) I definitely don't need one, but I'm sure there will be plenty of people that would be more interested in the MM version than N-mount version. I would be personally more interested in affordable (no more than $2000) 200mm f/2.0 in MM mount, but I'm not sure it will ever happen.



I've been wondering for some time if anyone could comment on the 400mm f/4 APO...Zeiss is usually stingy with the APO designation, and the few lenses that have been tagged as such were almost shocking in their performance.

I was also really amazed that the list price for this lens is really quite reasonable...between $2500 and $2900 from B&H depending on timing and rebates.


It seems that nobody in their right mind will buy N 400/4. People would rather buy Canon for that use. But that's precisely the reason why I find myself wanting this lense. If nobody buys this lense, how do we find out if it is any good? I sometimes want to run with my wild desire and throw my sense of prudence out of the window, you know. ;)

Besides, I must agree with Mike W. The price is quite reasonable for a Zeiss glass.


If I was invested in the N-system and had several other lenses I would go for it. The 400 doesn't worry me, it is the lack of other useful lenses in the N line up for my purposes that puts me off. I remember Simon Lamb did some preliminary testing of 400 and posted his results here for us last year. The price is very good in my opinion for a lens of that reach and speed. I think 85/1.4 100/2.8Macro and 400/4 are Kyocera's smart releases in that system. (Now if they'd only have a few more pieces like a 70-200/2.8 and 135/2.0 to round it all out - with accurate and reliable autofocus) Of course, this is still just my opinion. -Lynn


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The N 4/400 is the main reason I am toying with the possibility of switching from my current MM/Rollei MF system to the N/645 system. The other reason is the smart lens integration betwen N and 645. But I agree there are not enough user and test reports out there about the N4/400. WOuld like to see a comparison beteen the N4/400 and Tamron 4/400 LD Adaptall for ex&le, since the "cheaper" AF route for me would be the Contax AX with the Tamron.