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Why Contax and/or Zeiss at all?



I am new to the G2 but I am very pleased with the sharpeness of the 45 mm and the 28 mm lenses and the feel of the camera but what I am most impressed with is I frequently capture exactly the quality that attracted me to a subject. I am excited to see my negs. I love this camera!


When my Dad passed on at the very end of 1989 I inherited his Contax RTS with the 50 1.4 Planar and the 25 2.8 Distegon lenses. I fell in love with photography, the Camera and the lenses pretty quickly. I soon added the CZ 85 2.8 and as a backup, the Yashica FX 3 Super 2000. Once I moved to my current apartment I was able to afford more 2nd hand Zeiss and Kyocera equipment especially when I discovered that on line auction site. I am very comfortable with these Cameras and their great lenses -- I also like the fact that I can use Yashica lenses along with the Zeiss lenses and that some of the Yashica ML lenses are extremely fine. So now I use three Contaxes and 8 Zeiss Lenses along with one Yashica and 4 ML lenses including the 35 2.8 and the ML 100 3.5 macro which I think are hidden Gems of lenses. And as to Zooms, I find my CZVS 35-135 while heavy, to be one superb, and I do mean superb lens. It is as sharp as my primes.


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Well said Vincent. That's quite moving. I think you have reflected the feelings of all us Contax and Zeiss afficianados.


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Well, Zeiss is since 165 years on the market, and I guess nobody else has more experience on optical sciences as Zeiss!


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Yes. And they show it finally also with the amount of new lenses - with and without AF - and different lens mounts. Batis, Otus etc. pp. Finally they push the borders again... :daumenhoch_smilie:


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Zeiss is also the leading producer of wafer lenses for digital Chip Production. The is an interesting video available on this matter! ASML and ZEISS! There you can see, the absolutely top of Lens Production!


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could you post the link to the video here? Or if it is i.e. a youtube video, you can embed the URL here so it is visible here immediately....

Best wishes


I just noticed this discussion and would like to echo the empasis on results.
The various electronic devices in cameras and lenses tend to disappear quicker than mount mtaerials degrade .

I findt that ancient zeiss optics still perform well on my Nikon Z7. For those who worry about leitz versus Zeiss it is worth noting that the designer of the last C/Y VarioSonnars is currently head of optics design at Leica.

Also note that Leitz like other makers have begun to design optics with a view to correcting some optical faults and shortcomings by software. So if you wish to avoid software hassles, expenditure on extra subsriptions and will remain free to select optics to fit a new camera, both C/Y , Leitz and others can provide good enough glass.



Last week I spent four days in Paris with two RTS II bodies and 5 lenses. Early Wednesday evening on Boulevard de Strasbourg a guy (maybe he was 22 or 25 years old) approached me about my Contax cameras - he did know the T2 but had never seen the RTS II, so he marveled at them. He even took a photo of my two workhorses. Nice encounter :cool:.



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It is fun taking out some of the older gear as many people have never experienced it and get very curious. I still use one of my Contax RTS Fundus' regularly and it's been left attached to a 250 Back from 1980 (I'm lazy and prefer not to have to keep changing film rolls); I was last using it with the old Zeiss 35mm PC-shift lens and the numbers of people who came and stopped me was amazing. You're never going to be alone for long with an old Contax! The two other bits of kit I know always attract attention are my Zeiss 500 f4.5 and Fuji G617. The funniest moment was when I left the Fuji to go back to my motorbike to get a lightmeter and a small bird perched on the lens cage; by the time I found my digital camera it had flown away... Not the usual photographic fan but at least it didn't leave anything behind when it flew off... I'm not sure how the lens cleaning fluid would have handled that!