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Why Sigma? Why not...



I'm new to this forum and would, offcourse, like to explain why I choose Sigma as well.

When I was shopping for a DSLR I got a lot of tips, mostly concerning Nikon and Canon. Everybody told me the grip and handling of the body had te be right, the supported lenses had to fit the type of photography I like.
Because of the grip and handling all entry level DSLR where not good enough (to small and light). So in the end there were 2 camera's wich I liked. The Canon 40D and the Sigma SD14. At that point the Sigma was 200 euro's cheaper than the Canon 40D.
Went home again, asked around and offcourse everyone said I should choose the Canon, and I almost did. Untill I read some reviews about the Foveon Sensor and saw the quality of studio pictures with the Sigma SD14. So I went back and bought the body with a 18-200 OS lens to start out with.
After about 7 months the camera crashed (err 00 20) and I brought it to the Dutch Sigma repair point (wich is only 20 minutes away from my home). At first I did not get any guaranty, because the camera was not imported by Sigma Benelux (grey import). But they made an exception and gave me a brand new body (the old one could not be fixed). So there's nothing to complain about the Sigma service.

After a while I wanted to be able to do a little bit more/better/sharper with my "action pictures" and bought a 70-200 f2.8 APO (used) from ebay. Perfect lens, sharp enough when not fully open, fast AF and not to heavy...

After that buying the 24-70 f2.8 could only be a matter of time...and it was. I could make a good deal with the local shop and bought this lens. And holy *peep* It's razorsharp in combination with my SD14..!

Bought the External standard flash too, but wish I had bought the Super version...the standard flash is ok, but laks a few very important functions (adjusting the strength of the flash manualy is one of them).

So...why Sigma? Sigma has all the lenses you could need at a very reasonable price. Sigma has a camera body with the Unique Foveon Sensor wich gives me an edge in terms of sharpness and colour.

But there ar flaws too offcourse.

The Foveon Sensor is great on ISO (50) 100, good on ISO 200, bad on ISO 400 and unuseable on ISO 800 (1600). It's not just the regular noise, it's the (green) color noise starting to irritate at ISO 400 and further, it's the lack of colour at higher ISO (ISO 1600 is colourless).

The low and slow buffer memory wich makes you wait for "ages" if you take more then one shot at a time and want to check your settings.

The very very very bad LCD screen on the back of the camera wich makes it almost useless to check the sharpness in your shots.

The "poor" build quality in relation to it's competition.

Luckily the SD15 will upgrade some of these "flaws"

edit: The poor English is a result of me being Dutch ;)


Hi jeroen,
first of all a warm welcome to the forum
and thank you for introducing yourself.
Basicly you went the way most Foveon users did,do and will do.
We all have to "learn" the Sigma.
Take your time and go through the postings here and you will find lots of hints
and workarounds,also for High-ISO.
Looking foreward to see your pictures.


Already learned a couple of things indeed. I am definately going to try the high ISO work arounds, since I "have" to shoot a party with my colleages next friday (although I usualy use the external flash on low ISO). And learned that the "green cast" in my pictures (since I have my replacement body) is a SD14 problem and not my own :D

Very usefull to finaly be able to get tips from Sigma users instead of the "flaming" from Nikon/Canon fanboys.

Guest .

Hi jeroen.K,

welcome to the forum! :) you are among SIGMA-fans here!

I do not really share your HIGH ISO findings! Have a look at my threads on the issue, if you like. It's very much a question of sophisticated image processing, which SIGMA does not do in cam. You can do it yourself on your computer.

The first three shots are ISO 800 the others ISO 400

-der Knuddel-.jpg -Tiger-.jpg

-Eichhörnchen2-.jpg -Entenküken-.JPG


See you with nice pictures



Hi Klaus,

Already saw some amazing results on High ISO indeed (including the ones you show now). Luckely I always shoot my pictures in x3f format, so I'm going to give the methods described here a try on some old pictures I saved.