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Wild Animals....

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Hi all,

just returned from Spain, I would like to present some macros done there. All SIGMA of course! :)

Since I did not have any internet available, I now will have to read a lot .... which will take me a lot of time, I guess.


Sample 11.jpg Sample 3.jpg

Sample 9.jpg Sample 10.jpg

Sample 2.jpg

See you with nice pictures



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Hi Klaus,

Welcome back!
On Sample 4.jpg (2 of 4) I like how the hover fly seems to be eying the ant.

And one with all yellow bee and yellow flower is cool too.

The lizard with the shallow DOF, seems like it is smiling, well done! :)
all great pics with fantastic color and creative composure!


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Hi All,

the lizards are AL-shots! Reptiles do not tolerate flashlite. Therefore you have to go for fast apertures.

They are fairly small! Their heads are much smaller than a fingernail.

Those with really shallow DOFs are done with the 105mm 2.8 EX MACRO on open aperture.

The first one is done with the 18-200mm DC OS + special macro-tube.

I went for this solution in order to make use of the lenses optical stabilizer. I had the lens at the long end (200mm). 6.3 aperture realized wider DOF. The OS made 1/100s possible with 200mm freehanded.
Isn't it fascinating what this hyperzoom does in the macro range?!

The macro tube is the one which Uwe developed some time ago. At 200mm you can focus from front lens up to 6ft (2m) distance.
The lizards are all SD14 shots.

All insects are done with flashlight (SD9). I went for a very old ring flash (SOLIGOR AR-30-T).

If you do small insects large scale, there is not much choice but to go for flash light. DOF becomes shallow to an extent that you would not be able to even identify the insect. It is not more than a piece of paper at 2.8 aperture at 105mm. Beyond that much mor focal length is necessary to not fall below the insects flight distances.

With my shots above aperture is slowed down to f:22 ... impossible without flashlight. The other thing is that the short flash aperture prevents you from blurring your shots.
Insects do not mind the flashlight at all. :)

See you with nice pictures