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Wildlife with SD14 + 70-210 UC-II

Previously, I did not have the luxury to afford any lens apart from an old Sigma 70-210 UC-II lens. Equipped with this lens, I tried to work my way around taking photographs and here are just some of my shots. I am quite satisfied with the shots that this 'cheap' lens can produce. All of the photographs have only been processed through Sigma Photo Pro.

PS: Let me know if I have done anything wrong, this is the first time I am sharing my photographs online :) .

The respective photographs with their 100% crop. Please let me know too how can I improve.


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Well-Known Member

Hello, and thank you for sharing...

What ISO and F-Stop were you at when taking the pictures...also what WB were you using....??

This information can help others to see if there might have been a better setting to use....also, take what I say with a grain of salt....everyone has a different eye....

The original size pictures look good I like the color contrast and bohek on the first picture....the second picture is an nice overall shot...

Next...the blow-ups show a lot of noise...the second one of the fish/amphibian looks a little shaky....

I had an issue with an older lens like this and it just needed to be cleaned and started to produce very nice images....(cleaning at a camera shop)

Over all it looks like you found a nice lens...just play around with it a little more..every lens has it's sweet spot where pictures look awesome....(by the way I am still learning...but maybe some of the others might have more too add...)

Tony C.
Thanks Tony, I will look to have the lens cleaned and your comments, far from a grain of salt, will definitely help me learn more.

For the lizard photograph, I used 1/250 exposure with f11 aperture @ ISO 200. I believe the white balance was at AWB.

As for the mud skipper photograph, I used 1/250 exposure at f6.3 aperture @ ISO 200. The WB was at tungsten I think as the beach sand was somewhat orangey. The evening sun made it worse too.

I agree that the mud skipper shot was shaky. I had a tough time keeping my hands still because I spent the last two hours or so riding a bicycle through some dirt road to reach the lowlands by the sea. By then, my hands hurt badly. :(


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Well I will look forward to seeing more of your pictures...

Have a happy new year...

Tony C.

Guest .

Hi All,

I actually bought such a 70-210 1:4.0-5.6 UC SIGMA second hand the other day for very little money.
First I wanted to sacrifice it, because I needed the lens-bajonett for making another macro-tube.

Well, I did not destroy it after some test shots, that looked exactly as sharp as the one displayed above.
The AF is no racing car but it works fairly well .... it now has its place in my SIGMA-shelf ... a nice lens and evidence, that low budged does not necessarily mean low quality.

See you with nice shots