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Will I damage the cy mount



First what a wonderful site for those of us who are new and want-a-be.Being a forester I do a lot fo walking and take my camera as often as permissible. My Question is, carrying around a RTS on its neck strap with a 300/f4, how hard is it or what damage do you do because of weight to the c/f mounts? dave


I can think of worse lenses to dangle around your neck , but I wouldnt do this for extended period of time with the 300 F4 either , eventually it will end in tears . Although I'm a big user of telephotos myself , I cant help but wonder why use that lens within the confines of a forest - you could use something much smaller/lighter for "detail shots" . I also imagine wide angle lenses might be better suited to that sort of environment generally anyway...... Steve


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Hi dave,
I use quite a lot of heavy, big telelenses. Time to time I use it with my second body- Yashica fx-3!!! They are often two times heavy or even more than your 300/4 (tessar, I assume).
Untill now, nothing has happen but to avoid this danger of damage I use belt direct for lens itself. (some bigger lenses has clip for the belt). Then I carry camera and lens using the lens belt and belt from camera is free. Lens is much more hard and massive, there is no danger to damage lens or camera. Wearing lens protective cap in the time of carrying I can highly reccomend (in forests, terrain etc.)
with best regards, Pavel