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Winter at the marsh


New to the forum and Sigma. But the money I saved up to replace my Canon G5 went to a new SD14.
I new pocket camera will have to wait after seeing what I'm getting from the 14 a DP1 will most likely be in my future 8^)
Still getting used to the camera and SPP. It can be a real challenge on my Mac. I have gotten used to doing 90% of what I need in Aperture with no RAW support for Sigma it's a pain.
Here are a few of my early shots. C&C welcome
All taken with the 18-50 2,6 EX
SDIM0521 NX Resize.jpg

Some times I found the 18 after crop to tight

SDIM0579 Resize.jpg

A week earlier before a late winter thaw

SDIM0439 test Resize.jpg

Thanks for looking please comment. Others from the beach can be found here
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Rich, So new have not even set up a signature yet 8^)


Well-Known Member

The first one, with the bare birches, these are a fav of mine in the winter. They seem to have such a dramatic silhouette against a blue sky.

I tend to find the same with the crop on some of my shots, I have 18-200, and even at 18 after a crop it is not what I had hoped for. So I went to a 17-35 hoping it would be better. Have not had a chance to use it outside yet.

All three have nice subject matter and color / composition. : )



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Regardless of the width from the focal length, these are all VERY crisp, VERY beautifully toned images. Way to go!