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Winter marsh in New England


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I am getting more used to the camera and I am having fun fooling with SPP.
These shots were with my Rokkor 58 mm. I have to thank Klaus again for all the great info he has provided on how to shoot with a manual lens in aperture priority.

These two were shot into the sun so SPP had to be used a bit



With this one the sun was at my back so very little was needed from SPP. I just love the blue in these photos. Oh yeah I was shooting 200 ISO and daylight for the white balance.


Guest .

Hi Calfee,

nice scenes ... but the colours look rather strange, don't they?
There are blue marks in the centres of the pictures. Do you have any explanation for that?

See you with nice pictures



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Yes on the first two. I was shooting into the sun and there was so much glare off the water I was surprised I could even get an acceptable photo. SPP is the only reason it worked. I should try a polarizing filter for that.

.............................................Tom C