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Wireless Flash


Hi Guys,
Anyone managed to get a 530 Super to work wirelessly with an SD14?
I have 2 500 Supers that work fine so I assumed the 530 set up would be the same but no go with the 530. Both work ok via off cam lead.
Reading other threads/forums it would appear there may be an inherant fault with the 530?
Emailed Sigma, they replied mine might be faulty and they could check it and repair, 2/3 wks turn round.

Any suggestion.

Thanks Russ


Well-Known Member

I have two Sigma 500DG Super for SA mount and one 530DG Super for Sony MA mount...and all three of them work wireless the same way...I can make all three work with a built in flash in C0 CL mode....if you know how to set it...this is full Manual....but all communicate well....

Now if only I can get 500 DG ST work wirelessly without and adapter.. :)

Good luck...

Tony C.


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Hi Tony, Thanks for reply. Tried that and it appears to have switched something on,works but only in direct line of sight ie the 530's sensor must face the sd14 and then it's a bit hit or miss firing and no ttl?. Whereas the 500's will fire even when facing away from the sd14 and give ttl. The ttl is not that important but it would be nice to get reliable opperation and function as ment too.