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Wish List Dynax Maxxum 9D


Hi folks,

since there are already threads available for the 9D, I wanted to be the first one to post here

I think it is just a question of time when Konica Minolta will introduce a pro model after the 7D. Looking at the branding in the past, it is not very difficult to guess, that there will be sooner or later a Maxxum 9D and a Maxxum 5D.

Looking at the specs of the soon to be available 7D, I would be interested in what your wish list is for a 9D for professionals.

What does the 9D have to have over a 7D to be attractive for you or professionals in your opinion?


Well-Known Member
Hi Sefferin.

For me it would have to have the following features/improvements on top of the 7D spec.

Dust/weatherproofing of all switches and shutter release.
Full magnesium alloy body front and rear, or titanium enhanced
5fps (or higher) for at least 20frames in raw mode.
Very fast write times to card
Instant (less than 200 milliseconds) power on and no wake up delay.
Fast mirror return speeds and mirror lock up
Shutter speed increased to 1/8000 or higher
Larger sensor pixel depth, 8mp or higher
Flash sync at least 1/500sec
Top plate lcd

This next lot are just icing on the cake.

Live view to the rear TFT with histogram data and/or live histogram overlay to the finder.
Swing out TFT for waist level use.

Single mechanical shutter speed in case of battery failure (LOL)


For me (non-professional):
- More pixels, 12-14 mp
- Maximal colour depth
- Preferable full size, without AS, but I won't object to a 1,5x crop factor with AS. But AS is not a necessity IMO
- Small power on delay time
- 4 fps is more than adequate for me
- flash sync 1/250
- please: no live view
- sturdy body
- same compatability with 3th party lenses as the Dynax 7 (this ís important for me)
- weatherproof, as this always should be with an expensive, professional body

Summary: the most important item, a spectacular sensor!!!


New Member
All of the above + ...

If not full sized sensor, then allow us to specify sensor position. This will give us free perspective shifts. No more falling buildings!


Like many, I have been waiting for years to get my hands on a full frame digital camera but increasing film and processing prices forced my hand before that could happen and I have purchased a Maxxum D7 and Tamron lenses. Generally the quality is very good. Even at 6 MP, my work appears to be at least as sharp as that which I've obtained from a Minolta X-700 with Vivitar Series I lenses and Kodachrome film so this feature has declined somewhat in importance to me. If the Maxxum 9 does have a full frame format, I think a killer feature for this camera would be an APS-C setting so that lenses for the Maxxum 7D would work until one could afford full format lenses.

Frankly, if KM brought out a Maxxum D8 with a 8-10 MP CCD, I'd probably get that one instead.

Definitely, the AF system needs to be more robust as the 7D gets fooled too often. I still do a lot of manual focusing.

Screens need to be user-interchangeable too!

A more powerful processor to permit RAW files to be enlarged for inspection of sharpness is needed too.