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Wodonga streetscape...


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Hi, everyone! Shot this this morning @ around 5am in the street where I live. Exposure was around 80s and therefore star trails have formed. The "Southern Cross" can be seen top right.

The tree is only about 150 metres from my home and is lit by moon light.

Sincere regards, JR


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Guest .

Hey Jim,

an impressive shot! I hesitate to say "nightshot" although it must have been rather dark still. :z02_respekt::z02_respekt::z02_respekt:

You again did it with my favourite 10-20mm EX DC!

Thanks for sharing!

See you with nice pictures



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Quite impressive, Jim. I love the graduated light values from bottom to top (or top to bottom); these value changes add a lot of pure interest to the shot.

The colors here are do I want to say it?....CLEAN. It simply looks so pure and clean.

Compositionally first rate, truly. There is a really nice balance, sort of in thirds, with the highly illuminated lower image, the moderately illuminated tree (what a tree it is!), and the night sky with stars.

And of course, the "dimensional" effect rears its head again...all you have to do is study the tree trunk and limbs, and it seems to jump forward against the blue and black background. Almost graphical in a certain context.

I can also see some great possibilities in the limb structures for additional images; the globular leaf clusters also show some photogenic qualities.

This is one of those unusual shots that has a life of its own. You really cracked this one, Jim. Fantastic.



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Thanks for the replies, folks. There are innumerable trees like this in our streets and parks and I really considering doing a series on them under similar night sky conditions. It will all tie in with an assignment I'm working on for our local municipality.

Stay tuned.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs