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Workflow with ND and Jpeg images only



we had many tips over the years to get the best out of the Contax ND. Since it is very time-consuming to get all tips from the very long threads of the past ( I just did this and it takes hours) and so many things changed regarding new software versions, it might be a good idea to start some new threads with specific wörking chain tips separately.

I start this thread for jpeg images exclusively. Some users are hesitating to shoot immediately with Raw files (no preview possibility with ND etc.). So this would help most users already.

So what is your workflow/ recommendation, if someone is using the Contax ND only for Jpeg images. How can he/she get most out of it?

Is software like "shadow recovery" and/ or "chroma noise reducer" still a better option than the included tools in Photoshop CS2?

Is there any other software out there in the meantime, which is better?

Which tools in PS CS2 are you using? Which settings do you have on your ND when shooting jpeg (tone curve, edge emphasis, w.Bal, chroma, ISO setting, +- correction etc.)?

Thanks in advance