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I'm interested to find out how other people make the most of their digital files; as mentioned in another post until recently I used Phocus mainly to import / export but I understand that many of you use Phocus for most (if not all?) of your image processing.
For my 35 mm images I use a combination of Nikon NX2 and Photoshop CS/4. Not that I do a lot of processing as my preference is to get the basic material 'as good as I can' straight from my camera.
However, it seems that the raw .fff files do need some TLC.
So, is there any particular workflow within Phocus that you can recommend?
Also, I'm doing a lot of landscape photography; any indications of settings which you find work best would be very much appreciated.

Finally, has any of you attended one of these Phocus workshops, e.g. through the Hasselblad Campus or any other course institute? Any recommendations?