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Worth getting a 645


Well-Known Member
I've always wanted to have a play with MF. Even now owning to many cameras RX prime MM set-up, Canon 5D set-up, and just picked up a N1 to have play with the N system.
645 still seem to fetch a few pounds, so I'm perhaps tempted to just get a Bronica ETRsi.
I plan to shoot some black and white, and find a suit neg carrier for my Durst M370. Plus if I upgrade my film scanner, some colour slide.

I read 645 lenses can be used with an adaptor on the N series, but can you use N lenses on a 645 ?

Is it worth paying the premium to get a 645 over other cheaper MF set-ups.


Active Member
N lenses cannot be used on the 645. N lenses are designed for 24*36 frames.the circle of coverage is too small for 645 format.


Well-Known Member
The Contax 645 is a dream to use. Just like a suit up dSLR. The AF is a little slow, but accurate. The build quality is the best.

Their lenses are great. very well built and have great image quality.

If you want to go thru the trouble get info MF, you may as well get the C645 and enjoy the AF zeiss lens quality. I use the 80mm f/2 lens on my ND a lot and loving it.

Having said that, I may sell most of my Contax gear and Canon gear to make room for my 2nd M8.