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Would an f80 be less likely to scratch than my f65


I'm an amateur using pro lenses on a consumer body.(f65) I've been having trouble with scratching of slides from various labs but I'm not entirely convinced that the camera isn't occasionally contributing to this. I'm wondering if I would be better off with an f80. My rational is that since the f80 is pro-sumer body, it might be designed in a more scratch conscious manner than the f65(since the low end bodies tend to be used by print film users where scratches aren't as evident.) I was wondering if anyone might comment on any scratching experiences with the f65 or f80 and, in particular, if there exists a noticeable difference in design philosophy in terms of the film advance mechanism.


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I have had problems with scratches on some occasions, too. You know what----it's always the labs or wherever you are carrying your film to. Some of those machines are not cleaned and the scratching is coming from the felt on the inlet feeds into the developing machine. Ask your processor to clean his equipment or go somewhere else. It is rare that the camera backs will cause the scratches.