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Would like M6 TTL 72 w 50mm Summicron LensWhat do u think


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Hi All!
I have been fascinated w/ reading about Leica in the past year and purchased a used Minilux (fixed 40mm lens) . I love the results I get! I am seriously wanting to buy a secondhand M6 TTL .72 w/ also a secondhand 50mm Summicron f2 lens. What do you all think? I have never owned a rangefinder before. I've always used SLR Nikons(N8008 and N90S) mostly on P,A,S modes and rarely on M. From what I understand, to get what a LEICA is truly about, I should get an M. Would this be a wise investment? Should I consider another M for a starter Leica? I really like the black chrome model. There's no point in getting an R since I already own 2 SLRs. I would really like to try out a rangefinder. What do you all think? All input would be greatly be appreciated. What would a good price be for M6 TTL Black body .72? For a 50mm Summicron f2? Ann


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A rangefinder is a lot of fun!

The M6 is a great camera, run you about $1000 USD and the 50 'cron another $500-600 maybe. If you want to test the rangefinder waters, think about a Voigtlander Bessa R2 - if you like it you can use it as a second body (after you get the M6) and if you feel yourself being pulled back to the SLR, well, the R2 is a lot cheaper :) Voigtlander lenses are very nice too, and a real bargain. But if you have the $$$ get the Leica and keep it, learn to use it and have yourself a blast!

I started my M-adventure with an M2 and it was a great camera. I couldn't hang without a meter so I got a snap on Leica meter, which was cool, but the M6 diodes in the viewfinder are very convenient. I was shooting a lot of slides back then and the metering was a killer, but not I shoot mostly color print and B&W so the metering is less of an issue. Still, an M6 is often cheaper than a nice M2! Now I use and M7 as I am a HUGE fan of aperture priority, it just works well for me. And the Leica M lenses are just the best.

Try it out! Is there a place that rents cameras near you? Shoot some slides and be prepared to be shocked when you view them - Leica glass really makes chromes shine (prints too, but there you have to make sure to have a good lab too).

Cheers! - marc


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Thanks Marc for your input. Are you referring to M6 Classic or M6 TTL? Do you think a mint(-) M6 TTL .72 Black body which includes box and instruction booklet w/ 90 day warranty for $1295 is a good buy?


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I personally don't think there is much difference in the M6 vs. the M6 TTL unless you know you want to do flash work, or you have another M camera. As significant as the TTL flash feature, the M6 TTL has a shutter speed dial that turns the other way compared to the M6 classic and earlier cameras. So, if you get an M3 or M4 (or MP even) as a backup, your better off with the M6 classic as they will have the shutter speed dial turning the same way. If you think maybe an M7 might be a good second body, or don't plan on having a second body at all, then the M6 TTL might make more sense.

$1295 for a mint- M6 TTL is a good deal - they do come a little cheaper sometimes, but not much. The 90 day warranty is nice too.

- marc


I want to buy either an M6 or M4-P. I use my flash on a bracket not ttl. Please offer pros and cons thanks, Dennis


Dennis Wrote: I want to buy either an M6 or M4-P. I use my flash on a bracket= not ttl. Please offer pros and cons thanks, Dennis

I respond...the M4P was my choice. Mostly because I found one in= great condition for much less money than I've ever seen an M6,= but then it seemed to fit the way I prefer to use my RF cameras.= The M4P never blinks an LED in your eye. The M4P never needs its= battery replaced. The M4P makes a beautiful necklace as it has= all those Leica & Leitz engravings and markings all over it.
= Pair it with a nice 35 lens (the Cosina 35/2.5 compact is= great), a nice 90 (I like the Elmar f/4) and a tiny Gossen= Digisix (or better now a tiny Digiflash) meter in your pocket, a= few rolls of TriX and/or Provia 400F and you are pretty much= ready for anything. If you need to, check your light every once= in a while with the Gossen, put it back in your pocket and= continue shooting undistracted by technology. If you DESIRE more= technology in an RF camera than the M4P gives you, consider a= new D2H from Nikon. Everything else in between is cheating.

(OK...I'm kidding...mostly...) Carpe Luminem, Michael Eric Berube
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I've had my M6 for ages now and,personally,I adore the thing.They're discreet,quiet and just a dream to work with.I've covered all manner of jobs with it but go for the chrome one.Reason? Black chrome bodies start going this weird greyish colour after a time.I used to sell the things and you could see a change after only a few weeks in the cabinet under the lights so the chrome finish will last longer and will look better in donkeys years time.Just look at chrome M2's and M4's if proof were needed.Black paint's nice,if you can afford it and don't mind a weak finish that rubs off!



M6TTL - not a huge deal unless you're doing flash work. At $1295... it's not a terrible price but I'm willing to bet that prices will start to fall as people sell them off in anticipation of a digital M. (Frankly, I don't think that'll be arriving all that soon though!)

For testing the "rangefinder" waters... consider the Bess R2 as your first venture into this new world. It's a fine camera and would make for a great second body if you really, really get into rangefinders.

As for lenses... the Voigtlander lenses are absolutely great lenses and will cost you far less than their Leica equivalent. If you buy the aspherical versions... you'll have NO regrets about the results they produce.

Good luck...