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Would you sell your Contax system?


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I am at a cross point in my camera ownership. I have moved quite far, and to take my Contax system would not be easy. You must be saying "how hard can it be?" Well add to that 3 other systems, you guessed it, I have to choose one. I also shoot Nikon, Leica R and some MF. Also, I would probably move into some sort of digital platform, and again as you would guess there is no Contax in that future. :(

So would you sell it all? 2 Bodies and 7 lenses? I guess it would last a long time if I was to continue using film, but my Nikon system seems more useful in the digital future even with a meager 4 lens system.


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Actually I did consider using them on the Canon bodies and now even on the Nex. Each method has their own quirks, but they really only shine on their native bodies. So, in the interim since my first post, I've managed to bring most of my Contax system back to use with film. I haven't had much chance to use them per say due to rainy days (for an entire month!), but I will definitely use them at the next available sunny day. :)


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Unless you need the cash for those great Zeiss lenses use them on any canon DSLR body. The DSLR is designed to be used with many lenses. Depending on your need for various bells and whistles, most lenses will work as they always did. Do you really need more?
Happy Shooting!


I suspect it would be a cold day in hell when I sold my Contax gear. It's certainly duplicated in my accumulation, but it's great stuff and I'd miss it. Also, I just received an adapter to use C/Y mount lenses on EOS bodies, and so far the 80-200 works fabulously on the 5D. I have the 25mm mounted on an EOS RT and I'm going to do some shooting at the UW campus when the weather permits it.


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why should I sell my Contax system? And what for? For a Canon? Not really. I've bought a MFT (Lumix DMC GF3) as a supplement for my Contax systems (G & SLR) instead of selling the systems.
Never replace a running system!




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I did

I did sell my Contax 645 system and now I'm trying to buy one back, possibly the worst decisions I ever made. I shoot Nikon for my wedding because I need the speed of digital and if I could afford a decent back on the Contax 645 then I would (but sadly) I can't. But I'm still in love with photography and film and nothing beats the feel of the Contax 645 when you're using it and nothing beats the quality of the image and I've used the Pentax and Hasselblad medium systems. So I'm slowly building back my Contax collection for the work I want to do (some of which will find it's way into a library) but mostly for me and my love of film. So my advice, think carefully before you make that final choice.

Regards K


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I am so glad that I decided not to buy a Canon lens with my 5D MkII but in stead went for the Contax C/Y lenses.

I now own 12 of them (LBA) and couldn't be more happy with them on the 5D.

These lenses will suit me for years to come. Bodies are expendable, lenses are not.

I would keep them if I were you........


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Do you stop down meter or just focus at open aperture and guess exposure (external meter)? I have always hoped for a digital back for the RTS III but those hopes are long gone, and this seems to be the only way to use Contax lenses on a digital body. I haven't tried it myself but am thinking about it. Are there any other bodies besides Canon that we can use the Contax lenses on? (FF and not cropped like on FT/MFT/M4/3 or APS-C)


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It is very easy to use manual lenses. It's been done for decades before the advent of AF and automatic gadgetry by the greatest photographers of the world.

Just put the camera on manual, choose an ISO, choose an aperture, focus with the lens and use the internal light meter to set the shutter speed.

If it is dark, open up the lens to focus, than close to the desired aperture.

It's easy, just not as fast as modern day, run of the mill, characterless lenses. But you'll get used to it very quickly.

For the best adapters and I really mean great adapters, got to I don't have shares in the company, but these are the only way to go.

I would advise a Canon FF body to get the most out of the lenses. They were made for 35mm film so get a 35mm sensor.


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No - I wouldn't sell. Only buying more and more.

I prefer A priority - let the camera do the math while I compose and focus.