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WTB : Comeplete H3D 31-39 with either 50-80mm Lens

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Hey there Gentlemen & Ladies,

I have signed up here to get some feedback and may be some direction as to where and how I can find myself a Used Hasselblad H3D with 50mm - 80mm Lens, Viewer & Digital Back - either 31mp or up to 39 megapixels.

I am a beginner with medium format and would like to take a mixture of Landscapes / Scenes and Urban / Street - City Material so I can use the imagery for my Retouching (this is my main work)... I have the odd request to supply backgrounds and I have done so in the past using shots from a 10mp Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10 - and I feel the need to up my game...

Your suggestions and comments and even Items for Sale Offered are welcomed.

If you have an H3D for Sale : As I am inexperienced with Hassies I'd expect to see a RAW File and obviously the genuine receipt of sale / product serials etc - so I can check the item out... I'd also like to know the Service History etc...

I have no Idea as to Price - the Second Hand Market seems tight and I have stumbled across a few Used H3Ds 31-39 on Ebay and various Used Camera Sites and the $£€ vary from €2000 to £6,000 - If anyone can shed some light on what is a real World Used Price is - I'd really appreciate it...

I am based in Zurich, working as a Retoucher and speak only English. I can collect from London, Frankfurt, Milan and the rest of the world I'd require Shipping Quotes and of course I'd pay these ontop.

As Import duties will need to be paid (totalling 12%) I'd be keen for a great deal from someone giving up their beloved H3D and wanting it to go to a good caring home... Like mine.

Thanks in advance to you all - those that just read this and those who contribute in any form.

Cheers and here's wishing you all a Happy Easter - Religious or Not. :)



Check my post in the for sales. Im selling my almost new H3D and three lenses. Email me if you are interested.
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Looking for a H3DII-39 or H4D-40/50

Thanks for the feedback and I feel that your gear is priced a tad too high compared to what I have been offered or sourced elsewhere. I would not need all your lenses - so may be this is the price difference.

best of luck with your sale.