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WTB Contax N system

Hello All,

I'm new to this board and I own a couple of Contax systems but I was at the camera store the other day and got to play with a N1 with vario-sonnar and I was smiten. I would like to pick up a user camera with a lens or two. This is where you can help me. I don't know the prices of the system or the lenses as I'm new to the system so help that way would be great.



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The Contax N1 is a wonderful system but it is a dead end. Contax is out of business as is its parent, Kyocera, for cameras. The lenses are not compatible with any other system. If you want to stick with film and can get this at a very cheap price, it might be OK. You will probably not be able to upgrade to digital. I do not think, but am not sure, there is an adapter to allow you to be able to use N1 lenses on any digital cameras. Others may have better information. I say all this with regreat because I owned and loved using the Contax SLR and G systems and the N system.
Thanks for the quick reply Stan!!! I'm just a film shooter and own a G1, Contessa, Contax II and Contaflex system have a few Ziess large format lens for my 4x5. I love film!!! I own Nikons for my SLR's (couple of F's, F2 and a F-100) and love the feel of the N in my hand. It was really well balanced and the 30-85 sonnar on it was a sweet lens with a quick responce with the AF. I don't see me going digital for most of my shooting as I print and develop in my home studio now.


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Sound like a winner for you. Yes, I really enjoyed handling the N System and the lenses are outstanding. It is a 24-85, which is a really nice range. The smaller zoom is 70-200 as I remember and is also very fine. Enjoy.


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The N system prices are about as low as I have seen and they are staying there - atleast for the last 8 months I have been tracking them. I have been hunting these down for myself and here's what I have seen....

N1 Body - Like new minty condition - $500 - saw these as high as $1200 for a brand new body

NX Body - new in box: $245 - as high as $500

D10 Dateback for N1: $225 was the lowest I could find for brand new specimen - $399 was the highest

28-80mm f3.5-5.6 with hood - $225 for new with warranty, $209 for used in EX+ condition

24-85mm f3.5-4.5: Varies if with hood or without and based on condition: $450 - $780. Found a couple new lenses with box/warranty for $1090

70-300f4-5.6: Anywhere from $625-$825 depending on condition

50mm f1.4: $308 for used - $540 for new - up to $939 for brand new

85mm f1.4: $800 for a mint condition lens - $1250 for like new lens with box/paperwork and up to $1600 for new

17-35mm f2.8: $1085 for a minty condition lens ( I missed out on that one) - up to $2300 for new in box

NAM-1 Adapter: $249 - $395

70-200mm f3.5-4.5: $285 for EX+ condition lens - $575 for brand new

FE-1 LCD Viewfinder: $350-$475. I found one for $400 in like new with box and paperwork. The batteries that come with it were still sealed and a sticker was still on the LCD implying it was never used

P9 Grip: $190 for a used grip - up to $399 for new

TLA-360: $225 - $375. and as high as $499. I actually came across a brand new flash with box/papers/warranty for $300

The hoods have been selling for anywhere from $45 - $449 depending on how difficult it is to find one.

Original lens caps are going for as low as $5 and the lens pouches are selling for around $25-$45 used (but in good condition).

I also found a couple of deals on the 645 lenses:

140mm f2.8: $850-$900 for new
80mm f2.0: $325 for used and as low as $450 for new

Contax might be a name for the history books until Kyocera decides what it wants to do with it's license. However, Zeiss, Germany is still providing service for N mount lenses and Contax bodies are still available under warranty. Buying a film body from contax might still be worthwhile right now (as long as film and processing labs are still available) - as we all know, those N mount lenses are a peach to use and the results are about as good as one can expect from a truly amazing system using zeiss optics. I still have 5 N mount lenses and 2 645 lenses I use with the NAM adapter.

My main setup is Canon Digital including two 1-series full frame digital bodies and a bunch of primes and zooms. However, I still shoot film and my Contax N setup is what I rely on for amazing results. My Contax T still gets a roll atleast once a month. As long as film is available, I will be shooting film for sure

Hope this helps.


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If interested, I have to sell a Contax NX with very few rolls on its life.
It is a very simple camera but with all the controls, enviable of Contax name.

I also own two zoom 28-80 but, to be honest, one of them I will sacrify to install a Conurus adapter to mount it on Canon digital bodies.



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This link may be of interest to you, and other N-mount users, as there is now a means of using N-mount lenses on Canon digital bodies.

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Yup..... I have two copies of the 24-85 - need to try this out and see how it performs on my 1Ds.


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I have a Contax NX and a very sharp copy of the 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 that I have never used and don't think I will be using. Both are brand new in the box. If anyone is interested, let me know.


Great! Please keep us informed about the results.

What one can see in the photos of the new adapter is that it's black surface

is not as deep black as the surface of the N-mount. Furthermore it looks a

bit reflecticng...I'm wondering if this has any influence on picture

quality, especially contrast!?