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WTB Contax ND


Well-Known Member
Ha, ha, ha, ... join the club Eric. Been looking for 6 months.

Also looking for N 100/2.8, manual 35/1.4, and 135/2.8

Really, really want a manual 55/1.2 and 85/1.2.

But even as a dream, that's getting greedy ; -)


Yeah, I was thinking of adding "...isn't everybody?" at the bottom of the posting. Just the same, I thought I'd throw it out there.

: )


Well-Known Member
Thanks Paul. Stumbled into a windfall yesterday. Picked up the N100 Macro new for 30% under dealer net. Also got a completely new 645 Kit for $2,700. and a new 55/3.5 for the 645 including hood for 50% off!!!

I'm currently high bid on 4 C/Y lenses on e-bay that I'll adapt for use on the Canon 1DsMKII ... including the 35/1.4 I've been hunting. A forum member alerted me to those also.

You guys are great... at spending my money ; -)


> Marc, I sold my ND to Eric, after reading his post. As he will > attest, it was a hard decision for me, and I'm already suffering > withdrawal symptoms. . .I'm glad that it has found a good new home, > and look forward to seeing his images. Here's one of mine, taken just > before I sent it to Eric:

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God, I've been in a e-bay Zeiss buying frenzy. Won a mint Hasselblad 50/2.8F for use on the Contax 645 via MAM-1 adapter ... for $1,000. USD !!! Have a choice for a Hasselblad 150/4 since the auction closed and the high bid backed out ... $600. !!!! I'm in on 3 other Zeiss lenses where I'm currently high bidder ... for a pittance of what they should sell for.

These people are dumping the best glass ever made so they can buy a 8 meg dinky-sensor wonder, and a fall-a-part lens with freaking plastic elements.

Those with N-1s and Contax 645's hold on to your gear. They are wonder cameras compared to the junk out there today. Just get a kick-butte scanner and go to town.

Can you tell I'm a happy puppy : -)