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WTB Contax PMD Power Pack for Motor Drive


Well-Known Member
Hello all,

I'm looking to buy the Power Pack assembly that goes with a Contax PMD motor drive to fit the Contax RTS II. This power pack holds 12 AA batteries and is what powers the motor drive, attaching underneath the drive. Alternatively, there was once an external battery pack I think that connected via cable to the drive, and if anyone has that for sale with cable, it would be of interest.


Hi Tom,
Check out Ffordes web site - they have a PMD/W6 with a power pack attached that they're selling 'as seen' for £99 - the last power unit I saw for sale cost £65 a couple of months back. Ffordes have been advertising the drive and pack for ages - who knows, they might do a deal. The remote power pack to which you refer was, unfortunately, simply a case and connecting cable in which to place the power unit - not a different power pack. Good luck.



Well-Known Member
> Graham, thanks for the information. I have e-mailed Ffordes to see if they still have the item and what kind of price they can give me. >