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WTB Metz SCA3802


Hi Paul,
Check out Mifsuds web site - they have a new one for sale at £52.58. Check on Google - there should be a few s/h ones knocking around - I seem to remember one on a German site yesterday at around £18 - can't remember the site I'm afraid - was looking for the S Planar 100 f4 bellows lens - no luck.


Well-Known Member
Thanks Graham,
I have ebay set to let me know if any pop up there, and I peruse the net almost daily for one. I still have my 380 which is ok, but not as strong. As for a new 3802 I wouldn't pay all that money for the few extra benefits it provides for me, so a second hand one will fit the bill better. I will ask Mifsuds and see what they have.