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WTB SCA adapter for metz 54


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I want to buy a SCA adapter for my cameras. Have two, Contax RX and Yashica fx3-s2000. Just do not know if I have to buy two: 382 and 3802 or only one would be sufficient for both bodies...?

Please send me your offers (and which sca is compatibile with metz 54mz-3 and cameras) at my email. I need it quickly, it is urgent.
Thanx in advance, Pavel



AFAIK SCA 3802 is backward-compatible with SCA 382, so I would think that you don't need SCA 382. I know that SCA 382 in fact won't work properly with Contax N1, so that is something to consider as well. I have SCA 3802 (NOT FOR SALE
) and I know for sure that it works with Aria, RX,and N1.
But I would recommend that you simply send email to Metz in Germany and ask them this question. They're very helpful and usually respond promptly.

But considering the prices for these - why bother, just get both

>Why doesn't the SCA 3802 adapter work with the N1? It works fine with the 645, and since the systems are basically the same shouldn't it work with the N1?


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I just found an old Metz 07/2001, booklet which shows SCA 382 is for Yashica including 54 MZ 3.

Good Luck



Hello Gilbert, does the SCA 3802 also work with the G2 ? MERRY X-MAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. All of you make a really good Forum. Peter


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You are quite correct, however the web site is not fully up to date. I am sitting looking at the instruction book for the 3802 module and it lists the following functions for the G2 (and very interestingly also for the G3??????) : Flash ready indication in viewfinder, correct exposure confirmation in viewfinder, auto flash sync speed, TTL flash control, TTL fill-in flash control, manual flash exposure compensation in the auto mode, flash bracketing in the auto mode, cordless Metz TTL remote mode, 1st or 2nd curtain sync and maximum flash range indication. I can tell you from personal experience that this module certainly works on a 45CL-4 so I can see no reason it would not work on a 54, which is more advanced flash. Wilson


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When I purchased my G2 I referenced my 2001 Metz booklet and it showed sca 3802 although not specifying the G2 so I checked the Metz website and used the application guide and of course it shows sca 382. The listed features shown with the sca 382 doesn't show manual flash exposure compensation in the auto mode, flash bracketing in the auto mode, or cordless Metz TTL remote mode.

I will make certain before I purchase an adapter for my 54 MZ 3 as I would like to take full advantage of its capabilities.

I do have one reservation about the instruction book you have as it shows G3, I have found other discrepancies with their instruction books before.



P.S. I still like my TLA 200 and have had excellent results, perhaps I was skeptical of its very low location from the onset and compensated for it.


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Hey Guys,
sorry for interupting your great conference, but I would like to come back to the ground of my thread (if possible...?)
Ok, someone has sca 3802 for sale. I would be very glad, cos I dont know what to do with a flash without adapter, it looks poorly!

Anyway thanx for your flash- responses, advices etc.


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In the meantime I would like to ask people who use metz 54mz-3 with sca adapter 382. Which camera do you use and what about transmition of functions, what can you use and what cannot (with flash and with camera)? Or everyone has tla 360?
You can still offer if you have an sca adapter, 382 or 3802 (preferably).
>I use a 54MZ-3 with the SCA 3802 adpater on the G2 and the 645, and it works fine on both cameras. There is no reason to use the SCA 382, unless you have one lying around allowing you to save a a little by not buying an adapter.


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Mr Goeschel (metz/Germany)advised me unambiguously 382 for both. First- sca 3802 is discontinued, second: sca 382 is cheaper and provide you the same function.
I carry on with searching further infos- found two different functions that 382 does not support but 3802 does: Programmblitzautomatik and Blitzbelichtungskorrektur. (Automatic flash program and Manual flash exposure correction) but have no German manual, so have no idea how the programs really work.
Local Metz dealer sells 3802 for double price as 382, i guess 3802 is not outside so expensive.
Just a remark, Pavel
ps: thanx Bruno for your link, unfortun. seller did not want to sell outside US, you know this....
Why is the SCA 3802 discontinued? That seems odd. Are they going to produce a replacement that fits Contax, are they abandoning Contax altogether, or is that whole system being replaced or discontinued?


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I have an SCA 3802 in mint condion. Email me privately <> an offer if anyone is interested, and please caption it as "SCA 3802" as I get a lot of junk mail, and will probably delete if it's not recognisable to me.



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To Lotus and all,
It seemed me odd too. So I asked once more only about producing mentioned adapters. They replied both are still remains in be precise, I spoke not with MR. Goeschel but someone i.a. (=by deputy (of)) Just sorry for the premature panic :)))
ps: metz co. aswers quickly, willingly...great to deal with... can only recommend! (unlike some of Contax departments)


Looking for C50 cord for C/Y gears old Metz SCA 500 adapter system MB 60CT2/45CT5 or exchange with SCA 510 (Canon non-TTL or SCA 531 for (Minolta TTL)