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WTB Split Image Screen


Hi All,
I'm looking to buy a Split Image focussing Screen for my 503CX.
Any help would be appreciated - though not interested in Chinese versions.


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Please note split screens are available in normal/old skool and AcuteMatte versions. You definitely want the AM version.


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Cinese junk

Sensible to avoid the Chinese junk.
Chinese claim they are bright screens when in fact they are even less bright than the first generation Hasselblad screens.

What is even more annoying:
You need to recalibrate the screens alignment because these Chinese screens
are mechanically different from Hasselblad screens.


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Current Hasselblad Acute Matte "D" screens with a split:

42215 split with a small ring of micro prisms.

42217 split with an extremely useful grid.

Next best is the non AM "D" screen with split and grid with p.n. 42170

The latest "D" screens can de recognised by two small cut outs in the metal rim that look like a D.


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Hello Ed,

Hasselblads current screen with microprisms is the 42215. This screen also has a split in the center.

Could be Maxwell or Brightscreen have what you are after.
They are the only manufacturers besides Hasselblad that provide quality screens.

Forget about the Chinese made screens.
These are no good, they are very dark and most important:
they are not made according to Hasselblad specification meaning the cameras adjustment
for the screen needs to be adapted.