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WTS Hasselblad 2000FC+T*50mm CFI (FLE)


Hass 2000FC body
+ Top shutter speed 1/2000sec (down to 1sec in half-steps and B mode) with 1/500 sec top flash sync. speed (when using lens leaf shutter).
+ Instant mirror return with all hasselblad lenses (V series like 503CW require camera to be wounded for mirror to return to viewing position).
+ Mirror lock-up and support for optional Motor Winder.
+ Digital ready with more than 20 digital backs available from virtually every manufacturer in the industry.

Hasselblad CFi 50mm f/4 T* Distagon FLE Lens comes with its original front and rear caps and lens Hood. There is very minor cosmetic wear on the external part of the lens. Lens is sharp, clear, without any cleaning marks, scratches, fungus, haze, dust, ....

price looking 2.5K