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WTT Nikon F100 w50 and 3570 for a G2 w45

I have a Nikon F100 with MB-15 a 50 prime and 35 to 70 zoom (both AF) and SB-20 to trade for a G2 with a 45mm and a flash. I can send you pic's upon request. I have been the only user of the F100 and grip (lenes I bought used) but I have only been using it a spotmeter for my 4x5 work. Great condition with NO bumps scratchs or brassing. my e-mail is mitchmcneil @ (just remove the spaces)


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Please send me some photos. I have a Contax G2 w/ 45, 90 and TLA 200 flash. All in good shape. Might consider trading. Need to double check that I can use those lenses on my Nikon D200. Have anything you would want to trade for the 90?




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Richard, you can do this YOURSELF.
1.) Goto EDIT Profiles (on upper left corner)
2.) untick all check boxes
3.) press <save profile> button.

Hope that helps, Rainer