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X3F thumbnails in Windows Explorer Win7


does anybody know, how to make Windows Explorer in Windows7 32bit to display thumbnails of X3F files? I googled it a bit, and so far I found only one commercial set of RAW codecs for Windows, which includes Sigma X3F. But maybe there is some freeware?


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X3F thumbnail display in Win 7

May be I misunderstand your questions.
Sigma's Photo Pro and Silkypix display thumbnails on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 without trying so does Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3.
But may be you want to preserve the X3F format, then my question is why?
Going jpeg or tiff then using IrfanView (nice free software) can do bulk conversion to thumbnail in a multitude of output formats.


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Andrew....Windows does not have a software....that I have yet to find...that will show up X3F files have to use one of the software titles jjh_opto has mentioned or just use SPP...

The only native viewing software add-on is for Mac...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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thank you. I know these programs you mentioned, and I know they offer thumbnail preview, too. What I meant was something like the Arcsoft RAW plugin. It adds to Windows Explorer the feature of displaying thumbnails of X3F files. It worked fine by me, but on WinXP. Now I moved to Windows 7 Professional, and the Arcsoft doesn't work anymore. What I found is only the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack. According to the description, it should work with Windows 7, but it is commercial only.


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Andrew...I went digging on the interent last night and came-up with this freeware....

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Don't have a windows machine to test it on...hope it works... :z04_pc2:


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Andrew....most windows's 7 computers are 64bit....The only 32bit machines I know of are the ones that people upgraded...there window's version...

If that is the case...I don't know...??? Your sorta dos and windows 32bit is a 64bit operating system stuck on an older works...but does not do anything quite well...

Do a google search...for RAW viewer windows 7 32bit.....and see what comes up...again...I work with mac' that's the limit of my help...