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Yashica 28-80/3.9-4.9


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I am thinking of buying the above lens ( IF I CAN FIND ONE ) Is there any feedback out there regarding its use/quality etc.


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This is of interest for me, too. Are there any other recommendations for a "standard zoom" which is of good quality and cheaper than the ZEISS 28-70 ? I own a YASHICA 3.5/35-70, which is not too bad, but not really good.


> If you're looking for information about these lenses, check this site. This guy does a GREAT job. It is the best site I've found for info on the difficult to find (and some easy to find) old Yashica lenses. I'm sort of (s-l-o-w-l-y) collecting some myself. Just used my 135/2.8 ML at the zoo yesterday, anxious to see how it did. Your lenses are shown on this page. Good luck!

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-Lynn L.


Add this link to the last one I provided to you. Same person's site. Slightly different way of presenting information about the lenses.

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-Lynn L
I bought this zoom in kit with my Yashica 108
some years ago and I am quite satisfied with it(I took some nice photos)
it has a good quality construction
(mine starts creeping just now)
It has some distorsion @28mm (it can be evident, it depends on what you shoot)
the main problem is that the front lens retracts deeply
@80mm, so you cannot use it with a rubber hood or Cokin system filters
(better, you find yourself with a 28-50 useable range)
@80mm it allows 1:5 reproduction ratio if I remember well (it focuses down to 0.48m)

I must say that it flares...
I did not compare it with Zeiss zooms (I do not have any), comparing it with
50/1.4 is not so fair:)

If you have more questions let me know

Hope this helps

PS: there is one for sale on


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If you can find one, try the 28-85 3.5-4.5 Yashica lens. This is a very good lens and I leave it on my camera when traveling (cheaper to lose this than a CZ). It is very inexpensive but not cheap at all.....I've had this lens for ~20 years of abuse and it still looks and operates as new.



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Sorry for coming into this late.

I have had two different types of Yashica ML 28~80mm zooms and I curently have a 80~200m ML zoom. I also have the real McCoy - 28~85mm V-S.

The first ML was of very heavy construction and resembled the Zeiss in many ways. (Not quite as well made though). I used that until I got my Zeiss V-S.

The second ML came with a Yashica 108 and was lighter and had more plastic in its construction. It crept terribly and had a very harsh aperture control. The aperture blades did not form a perfect hexagon (or whatever). I sent it back without using it.

The 80~200mm ML is a good value lens if you can find one. I have used mine a lot including with a 2X TC and found the images it produces to be more than acceptable. It is also well made and available cheaply - less than $60 for mine.

Also do not discount the MC range which are just as good. The biggest problem with Yashica zooms is finding them.

Best of luck,



In another site this zoom is reported "Recent" introduced zoom it offers MultiMode Programme mode operations when used with later Contax Bodies. Any output specifically on this subject will be very much appreciated and what i presume as per above will function on latest contax bodies in P/TV/AE/M mode. Thanks