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Yashica 800/5.6 telelens


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Hi contaxians,
anyone heard that yashica produced this special -lens? Is it true? Not a mirror lens, real *orthodox* lens made of glass and with aperture ring.
Thanks for your recollection :) Pavel


As far as I now, Yashica only produced a classic 800mm F/8.0 lens in the ealy 70's, which was called the "Super Yashinon". I have found a reference at this location:
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Hope this helps.



I don't know the physical dimensions of that lens, but can you imagine not only trying to fit it in your car to travel - but then lugging it over your shoulder? The super long lenses sound so tempting but the the nitty gritty details of physically handling them is daunting (at least that is what I think from my perspective at 5'2" tall!) -Lynn


> Hello Pavel!

I've got and old Yashinon 400/5.6 With M42 (not C/Y mount) and AFAIK this is the longest Yashica non-mirror tele. I've got also some catalogues of Yashica MC/ML lenses and the longest ML (MC???) lens was 300mm, and mirrors 500, 1000mm. Never heard about 800/5.6.



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To Guillaume- many thanks for your *location*.
It looks that this glass is produced no more, stopped before years. Never mind, but is there a possibility to buy it somewhere? Don't think much.
It's gonna be harder...The most important is optical output, more important than weight. Some tests one probably cannot wait in that times of this lens-production, can he..?

Anyway, it does not look so horrible as someone wrote... It is quite lovely! You should see my 500/5,6...
3kg of weight and 37 filter...(my 300 has 2,2 kg and 43mm). Such a mite...

I am sending many greetings to Lynn from my transport-van! :) If you can seriously to do photos of birds (esp.singing) you cannot be *shorter* than 500 (at least!)-or do NOT live in Europe!!!.(my experiences)
600 is nice but nothing special. Good luck with *hunting* them, creeping behind them, staying put for hours etc. If you want to *exchange* some infos about shooting them, here I am: I am *trying* it for a some time, so *a little experienced*...??
Good advice for the beginning: try to find something more quietness...what about table top first..??? ;-)
With best regards, Pavel


I had heard of the 800/8, but never seen a picture of it before. I once used a lens of the same design, made by Soligor. With the camera so far from the tripod mount, shutter vibration was hard to avoid - a good case for the mirror lock-up. I was interested to see it described as a telephoto, because my understanding is that a true telephoto is shorter than its focal length, which this one obviously isn't. It should therefore be called a 'long focus' lens. If that's not too pedantic?! Thanks for the info.