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Yashica Auto Bellow



I find a used Yashica Auto Bellow in very good condition. It looks very similar to the existing Contax Auto Bellow PC. Actually I cannot tell the different except it is screw mount M42. Need adapter to mount Contax body and modification at the lens mount. It also comes with a slide copier. Cost at $260.

Is there anyone can help me compare it to the Contax in quality and usage? Can it match to the other accessories as I want to add the Contax macro stand and focusing rail to it.



Contax and Yashica auto bellows should be the same, except for the shifting ability, which only the contax one has got.
Accessories should be the same for both ones. This is what I read for the two bellowes with C/Y bayonet mount. Don't know if it's also true for the (older) one with M42-mount.