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Yashica FR1 - Speed film dial stuck.


Active Member
Just bought an FR1 for £10, and everything is perfect, apart from the film speed dial. It is stuck at ASA/ISO 80, just below the 100 ISO mark. The exposure compensation dial turns, and works correctly from what I have seen in the viewfinder.
Has anyone any suggestion as to how to free the film speed dial, without taking off the top plate ? Taking a camera apart is not for me. Possibly a drop of lighter fuel, and I mean one drop,might free the dial ?
The camera appears to have been stored for a considerable time, so apart from possible dust in the dial causing this lock-up, could there also be the possibility that it has seized through rust/non-use ?
Hopefully some one will have the remedy, as the camera is in otherwise very good condition. Solid and clean, andI became interested in it when I realised it was the Yashica equivalent of the Contax RTS.