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Yashica FX3 FX2 FX1



I just purchased an FX-1 for a backup body to my RX. Can anyone tell me what battery to use and where in the world is it...I've looked all over the place and can't seem to find the magic location. Any help will be greatfully appreciated.



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Jim the battery compartment is above the film casette housing. Pull up the rewind knob and hold the milled edge with one finger while you screw anti clockwise. You remove the rewind knob this screws of and the battery is a PX 28 6volt also called 544 Every Ready or Ucar 537.
The + positive connection must be installed first
The newer FX3 models are different.
Did the Dealer not show you this when you bought it??? Cheers Bob.


Thanks Robert...I may have figured that out in a hundred years or so. I bought it off ebay from a seller who knows nothing about cameras so no help there. The camera looks to be in pretty good condition and if the battery compartment isn't fouled by an olde battery and if the meter works I should be able to use it with no problems.


Can anyone tell me what type of battery the FX-3 takes? I just got a junker and would like to start snapping.


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Micheal, the camera does not require batteries to work. The batteries are just for the meter so if its not snapping now you have a problem. As for the meter it requires 2 X SR-44 1.35V.
best of luck Bob


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Can anybody help me which Yashica body I should go for ?
I wish to have the steadiest body least prone to mirror vibration. FX-3 is definitely out because I believe it is the body with the worst vibration. I like chunky mechanical bodies, it seems FX-2 is my best choice, it is mechanical and heavy. How is FX-2 compared to FR1 or FR2 ? Which of these three is less prone to mirror vibration ?


FX-3 Super

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I use both cameras but find the FX-3 to be the most reliable (and the Super 2000 gives you an extra bit of speed). I've used one for ages and had no problems - the shutter mechanism's not as good as the Contax S2b, but it's very reliable and pretty accurate even at the top speed. And of course, the shutter's not battery dependent - the battery is simply for the meter.

With ebay prices so low, no harm in grabbing one of each...